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What Is the Best Pittsburgh Private School?

27-Questions-to-Help-You-Evaluate-a-School-for-Your-Child-GuideParents always want the best for their children. When it comes to looking for the best education in our region, parents often look to private schools in Pittsburgh. 

But with a wide range of choices, how is a parent to determine what is "the best”? 

Sewickley Academy has developed a worksheet of 27 questions to ask when evaluating a school. We feel answering these questions will help guide parents as they try to find the best fit school for their child.

Always keep in mind that when seriously considering any school, a visit to campus to get a sense of the feel beyond the numbers and facts is critical, as it provides that unquantifiable and otherwise unknowable element that parents need when thinking about who they will entrust with their child’s education.

To begin researching schools for your child, please download our FREE guide:27 Questions to Help You Evaluate a School for Your Child


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