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Holiday Happenings in Pittsburgh

Nothing makes the holiday season quite so wonderful as all of the amazing sights, sounds, and events around town. Pittsburgh is one of the very best places to be during the holiday season due to its incredible lineup of holiday events and activities. Why not take advantage of a few of these events this year and make some lasting memories with your family?

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Fall Activities in Pittsburgh: Fall Fun on the Farm

Nothing says fall quite like a trip to a farm. Surrounded by bales of hay and pumpkins, folks can really get into the fall spirit, and the various activities found on farms during the fall season are the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of autumn. 

If you are looking for fall activities in Pittsburgh, look no further than one of the many local farms. There you'll find activities ranging from hay rides to pumpkin picking, and everything between.

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Children Helping in the Community

Everyone needs to feel needed, and everyone wants to have a place to belong. Because screen time and after-school activities tend to eat up so much of our time in this day and age, the younger generation is less likely to know the satisfaction of a job well done, the thrill of being an active member in a close-knit community, and the joy helping others can bring.

Getting your children involved in their community is a great way to help them feel a sense of importance and belonging, and give them some time away from the screen to experience life and the world around them.
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Free Summer Fun in Pittsburgh

Looking for something fun to do with the kids this summer without breaking the bank? Look no more! Pittsburgh is loaded with fun events and activities that will cost you absolutely nothing. Pack a picnic lunch, pack up the kids, and get ready have the best summer ever without even opening your wallet. 

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2014 Christmas in Pittsburgh Family Guide

This post originally appeared on The Pittsburgh Mommy Blog

Although it’s hard to believe, the Christmas season is just about to begin in Pittsburgh. Starting the second week in November, many local communities, museums and performance venues will begin hosting special holiday-themed events and concerts. In addition, many favorite Christmas attractions will reopen by the end of this month. I have created this 2014 Christmas in Pittsburgh Family Guide to help your family navigate through one of the most exciting times of the year to be in this city!

I have included events and special attractions both within the city and in the surrounding suburbs. At the end, I have also included a special section on Christmas-themed concerts and dance performances.

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Guide to Pittsburgh Holiday Fun (with hot chocolate!)

I love getting out of the house with my kids in the winter, so I always look forward to December, when holiday activities abound. But sometimes when I look at holiday calendars, I just have to laugh in exasperation. A performance of Handel’s Messiah sounds fantastic, but if I bring my two young vibrating electrons, there’s a good chance we’ll be asked to leave. The same goes for holiday house tours (I admit: we were once asked to leave a house tour: scarring!) and evening parties. Instead, I seek out activities that involve movement and flexible timing, and in the best-case scenario, hot chocolate.

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