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Rainy Day? Get Them Off Their Devices By "Catching" Adventurous Reads

Rainy days can make finding activities difficult and they can also send your kids retreating into the comfort of their devices. Pokémon Go is making rainy days a 24-hour marathon of snagging the next desert monster and, let's face it, sunny days too. Rounding up so many virtual adventures can be quite the distraction, but you can get them off their devices and back into a great read with these five adventure-worthy, action-packed novels that make even catching that elusive water species seem just a little less thrilling in comparison.

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Children Helping in the Community

Everyone needs to feel needed, and everyone wants to have a place to belong. Because screen time and after-school activities tend to eat up so much of our time in this day and age, the younger generation is less likely to know the satisfaction of a job well done, the thrill of being an active member in a close-knit community, and the joy helping others can bring.

Getting your children involved in their community is a great way to help them feel a sense of importance and belonging, and give them some time away from the screen to experience life and the world around them.
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Back to School: Organization and Routine

Heading back to school without any organization or planning is never a great idea. After-school activities, play dates, and homework tend to take over your world, and soon enough your head will be spinning as you try to keep track of what day it is.

Instead of wondering whether or not little Joey put on a clean shirt today, why not implement some organization and routine now, and save yourself from stress later?
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Getting Your High School Student Geared Up and Ready To Go Back To School

High school students have been there, done that, and they have the collection of t-shirts to prove it. They've been through back-to-school season plenty of times, and chances are, they aren't particularly excited about exchanging the leisure of summer for the rigors of the school year. With a little effort, however, you can help your high school student shift into the school-year mindset and send them off to school with a great attitude.

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Vintage Vibes: Four Classic Lit Books That Still Feel Current

Vintage reads make the perfect companion to all of your beach side adventures, and while you might avoid classics for their old-world language and sometimes exceptionally lengthy page counts, these four tantalizing classics are filled with new-world wonder, doable book lengths, and swagged-out plot lines. From controversial books that were once rejected by the general public to glamorous parties mixed with epic love stories and heartbreaking tragedy, snag one of these can't-miss, best summer reads for teenagers and adults that are filled with the kind of magic that can only exist in a truly vintage classic. 

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The History of Labor Day And Ways To Celebrate

Give an American a reason, and he or she will throw a party, have a parade, or fire up the grill. Americans celebrate different people and events during the year out of a sense of gratitude and honor. One of these holidays is Labor Day, a day fraught with violence but with hope as well. Many people celebrate the day without knowing quite how it began, but they should know that its beginning was built upon the blood and sweat of people who fought for what was right for them, and for you and me. 

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Best Summer Reads for Older Children

As the summer wears on and the kids become restless, it is important to find ways to keep them entertained, engaged, and using their minds. One of the best ways to go about this is by offering them plenty to read.

While very young children require you to assist them during reading time, older children are much more independent, and while you may need to stand by to help with the occasional word or two, they can likely make it through an entire book on their own if you let them. The experience of finishing an entire chapter book or novel is a great self-confidence booster for children and can help lead them toward a life-long love of reading. 
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The 10 Best Summer Reads for Teenagers

During the dog days of summer, there is plenty of time in your teen's schedule for pleasure reading. They can sit back, read something that was written less than a decade ago, and dig in and enjoy that summer reading list. These ten amazing books are sure to be popular summer reads for teenagers.

Kiera Cass's 
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Why Astronomy Education Matters

Friday, May 13, 2016 marked an interesting juxtaposition in our culture. Many of us think of Friday the 13th as a day to reflect on the superstitions and rituals that make our species so unique. This year May 13th also happened to land on Astronomy Day — a day to celebrate the extraordinary science and enjoyable pastime that has shaped humanity in profoundly positive ways.

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Three Surefire Ways to Make Reading and Writing Fun

We all know that reading and writing are important skills for our kids to have. Literacy is the key to being successful in school, and later for being successful in a career. Not only that, but having good reading and writing skills will give your child a richer understanding of the world and a deeper enjoyment and appreciation for literature throughout his or her life.

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