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A Less Expensive Way to do Your Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-school shopping is on the agenda: school supplies and clothes that fit, new shoes and backpacks, maybe even a haircut. Those first couple of weeks back to school can be so fun but also very expensive. It seems that parenting is like that. Here are a few different ways to save some money during this back-to-school season. 

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Lunch Time Prep for Moms and Dads on a Budget

Lunch is probably the hardest meal of the day for busy parents. Why lunch? Because many parents take their children to different activities during the summer such as library story time, the pool, daycare, gym time, dance/swim classes, etc. and when it is time to go back home, it is usually right around lunch time. This makes it very difficult to save money and eat healthy because everyone is hungry; you're more likely to stop for quick and easy food that actually ends up being more expensive than preparing a meal at home. As a busy parent with kids back in school, we have a few tips to help your family eat healthy that will save you money.  

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