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Tips to Find the Right Prom Date (and Attire!)

Tips to Find the Right Prom Date (and Attire!)Prom, movie clichés aside, can be an amazing and memorable moment in any teen's life. Yet, it can also be stressful. From choosing a date to finding the perfect outfit and picking out flowers, there is a lot of planning that takes place. Since prom should be fun, sit down with your teen and see what his or her expectations are for the big event.

One of the most stressful parts of prom for a teen is finding a date. Perhaps they have a crush on someone and are afraid to ask them out, or maybe they are single and are nervous to ask a friend. The most important thing is encouraging your teenager to go with someone who he or she will have fun with, someone who will dance with them and hang out with their friends.

Your son or daughter may want your assistance on finding a suit, tuxedo, dress, gown, or pantsuit. Many men end up renting a suit or tux for the event. Rental places ensure that your son's suit or tux fits him perfectly and the style suits him and the occasion. Men's Wearhouse does offer complete tuxedo packages, including the jacket, vest, and pants, starting at $99.99 and offer numerous locations. Top Hat Tuxedo also offers complete packages, starting at $89.00.

Begin looking early at the local stores to find the best deal. Simply googling "Pittsburgh tuxedo rentals" will give you a decent list of what is available locally, and some of the websites allow you to book appointments online or submit measurements to see what is available. Don't, however, feel tied to a tuxedo rental. A nice suit and tie comes in handy for more than just prom, such as a wedding or job interview. The same places that rent tuxedos usually sell suits as well.

Dresses can be a bit more challenging than suits since there are many more styles to choose from. While dressing in style is important for most teen girls, encourage them to find a dress that suits their personality as well. A good place to start looking is a bridal store since they sell prom dresses as well as wedding dresses. Carlisle's Bridal, located locally, and the chain David's Bridal, are two such shops, though there are many to choose from.

If the idea of prom dress shopping at a bridal salon doesn't appeal to you, local retailers and boutiques also carry prom attire. There are many in the Pittsburgh area that carry stylish and affordable dresses. Check out the Style Exchange Boutique, One Enchanted Evening, or The Winner, to name a few. Second hand shops are also a good option whether your teen likes her clothes on trend or has a style all her own.  

Wherever you shop for the main outfit, keep in mind that shoes, ties, jewelry, and purses can usually be found in the same store. One-stop shopping is a good way to get accessories that match the outfit, however you never know what you will find at other stores that would compliment the dress or suit perfectly. Whether you are shopping with your teen or they are on the hunt with their friends, try to make the experience an adventure and not just a chore leading up to the main event.

The last thing to keep in mind are the flowers. Typically in the form of corsages, they are usually given to female dates to be worn on the wrist. However, boutonnieres can make any suit or tux look extra sharp. If your teen is getting flowers in any form for their date, make sure they know the color of their dates dress or tie, so that the flowers match. Local floral shops offer prom services and most can be found online.

We hope these tips will take the stress out of prom planning, allowing you and your teens to enjoy not just prom, but the planning as well.

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