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Take Care of Mother Nature on Earth Day

Take Care of Mother Nature on Earth DayEarth Day, which falls on Sunday, April 22, is an excellent reminder to take care of Mother Nature. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate conservation and remember all the important ways each individual can contribute to taking care of our planet. Here are a few ideas for you and your kids to celebrate Earth Day. 

#1: Pick up trash. Take a walk by a stream or go for a walk at your local park. If that's not convenient, just go for a walk around your neighborhood! Take the time to pick up trash and make sure that it's properly sealed away in a trash bag.

#2: Check out your local recycling options. Most cities now offer trash pickup options that include recycling. You may also have a local recycling center that will help give your trash new life. If you don't already recycle at home, check out your options with the kids and discuss how you can transform your little corner of the world through recycling. 

#3: Create your own seed paper. Craft seed paper, which can easily be planted and help grow a range of fun plants and flowers, with the kids. This fun little craft will really get your kids thinking green!

#4: Start an indoor herb garden. What herbs do you use the most often? Take the time to start your own herb garden so that you'll have fresh herbs whenever you like, reducing your use of packaging and keeping your home smelling fresh. 

#5: Discuss changes you can make at home. Can you take shorter showers? Remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room? Sit down together and make a game of seeing who can think of the most ways to reduce your environmental impact. 

#6: Make "unpaper" towels together. Are you teaching your kids how to use the sewing machine? Get in some practice with straight edges when you make these lovely unpaper towels. This is one simple sewing project that can significantly decrease your waste at home. 

#7: Decorate your garden. Get outside together and create fun stone designs around the edges of your garden. Let the kids choose patterns that are meaningful to them!

#8: Make your own planters. Using some creative upcycling, you can turn these old bottles into a wide range of adorable planters for the kids. It's also a great way to get them excited about planting!

#9: Make your own produce bags. There are plenty of great chances to use t-shirt bags, made out of old kids' t-shirts. These tote bags are not only a great way to show the kids how to upcycle, it's a great way to keep using those favorite shirts that the kids have outgrown. You can also construct breathable mesh-style bags using this pattern.

#10: Start your own compost pile. Having your own compost pile both reduces the trash you're sending to the dump and offers plenty of fertilizer for your own garden. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to start your own.

Celebrating Earth Day with your kids is a great way to get a closer look at the amount of waste you create and how you can reduce the environmental impact of your family. As you get the kids on board, they'll consistently remind you of all the ways you could do better, making it easier for you to stick to those new resolutions. This Earth Day, discover more about what you and your family can do for our planet and Mother Nature, then commit to doing it together.

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