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Best Summer Reads for Young Children

Best Summer Reads for Young ChildrenYoung children love being read to, and kids who are read to on a regular basis are likely to learn how to read quickly and easily when the time comes. Take advantage of the long days this summer by squeezing in some reading time each day. 

There are thousands of amazing picture books on the shelves of your local library just waiting to be read. If you can't decide which one to choose, try one or two of these tried-and-true children's tales. There is something on this list for everyone. Whether you are looking for a comedy or thought-provoking story, you'll find a book to suit your fancy on our list of best summer reads for young kids.

Are We There Yet? by Dan Santat

Are We There Yet? is perfect for entertaining the kids on long road trips or just before bed. This book starts readers out on a long and boring car trip in which time is going so slowly it seems to be moving backwards, and sends them on a wild trip back in time that includes pirates, dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and Benjamin Franklin. 

Finding Wild by Megan Lloyd

A colorfully illustrated and beautifully written book, Finding Wild tells the tale of two children who set out from their urban home to find that the beauty of nature is all around them, even in the big city. This is the perfect book for city dwellers to read to their young children in order to encourage them to find the wild lurking around every corner of their home city.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

A classic that has stood up to the test of time, this wonderful story makes us stop to think about how we treat those who love us and truly appreciate all they give to us. With its lovely illustrations and gorgeous storytelling, The Giving Tree is one book that can enjoyed again and again by people of all ages.

The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak

Written by B.J. Novak of The Office, this is a read-out-loud book that will have kids of all ages — and possibly their parents too — on the floor in stitches. What this book lacks in pictures, it makes up for in creativity, ridiculous phrases, and silly sound effects. This is one book you just have to read to understand.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Riker

If you are looking for a perfect bedtime story, this one has you covered. With rhythmic, poetic words and dark, calming pictures, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site follows several construction trucks through their bedtime routines and into dreamland. This is a sure winner for all young truck lovers.

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña 

In this story, the young CJ takes his usual Sunday bus trip with his grandma and learns to appreciate what he has, despite not having it all. This book contains an amazing lesson in thankfulness and is an excellent read for preschool and young elementary-aged children who may need help putting things into perspective. 

Wait by Antoinette Portis

Using only three words, Wait perfectly captures the struggle between a hurried parent and their curious child as they walk to catch their train. This book is a joy to young children who can relate to the young boy, who would like to stop and see all the magic of the city unfold before him. It is also a good reminder to parents that sometimes we do need to "wait" and enjoy the little things around us.

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