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Spring Cleaning: Conquer Your Closets with These Tips

Spring Cleaning_ Conquer Your Closets with These TipsSpring is in the air – and you know what that means. It's time for spring cleaning and sprucing up your home! If the thought of spring cleaning your closets makes you groan or shudder – or immediately head for a pint of Ben and Jerry's – remember how good it feels to commit to a project and complete it.

Organization is fun, too. It's one of those you-dread-it-until-you-do-it things, kind of like working out. But once you organize the space you live in, you'll feel a serene sense of mastery and calm composure.

Projects give you the opportunity to re-think your perspective and space. Imagine how wonderful it would feel to open your closet door and – instead of seeing clothes squished together haphazardly and boxes on the floor (and laundry, too) – witness the elegance of organization and finesse of feng shui.

Chuck Clutter

Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," revolutionized spring cleaning with her maxim: If an item doesn't spark joy, get rid of it. Maybe that saying is a little extreme – after all, a screwdriver doesn't spark joy but you probably shouldn't chuck it – but you get the point.

Chuck clutter. Get rid of the access baggage. A cluttered mind is a crowded and confused mind. And clutter equals stress. Have you ever spent hours looking for a file in your computer, frantically trying to remember the key words you used in that file so you can find it? Yet, the more you search for it, the more you become distracted and almost transfixed by the minutiae of searching for it in the first place?

Take that same principle and apply it to closets. If you really want to know who a person is, look inside their closets. Oh sure, their living rooms are perfectly ordered. But, what do their closets look like? Are clothes squished together? Are boxes haphazardly stacked? Are shoes strewn on the floor?

It's time to get organized and convert that messy closet into a cash profit.

Closet Cash Cow

So, here's the deal. When it comes to closets, the rule is "if you haven't worn it in two years, you'll probably never wear it." Now, take that rule and apply it to your closet.

Let's face it – you have six to eight tops and two to three pairs of pants that you always wear, in rotation. What's the point of keeping those three-sizes-too-small clothes anymore? Why not sell those old clothes, earn some cash, and pocket the profit?

There are two options for selling your clothes:

1) Go local. This is where you Google "sell clothes for cash ___" and your city name. Avoid consignment shops unless you have a lot of time and designer pieces.

Put all of your clothes, shoes, purses, scarves, and other items in a garbage bag. Most resale stores don't want your hangers and they prefer bags; hangers slow them down and you will make a better impression if you follow their rules. You might be surprised to learn that some places are pretty picky about what they buy.

2) Go online. If you don't want to hassle with driving to a local store, you can always bag up your old clothes and shoes and send them to sites like ThredUp or Tradesy. Just keep in mind that you'll most likely either earn less or have to create a listing for your items.

Whichever option you choose, remember that you are not only de-cluttering your life and your closet, you are making some cash. And that's a win-win.

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