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Spring is in Full Bloom, So Head Outside!

Spring is in Full Bloom, So Head Outside!The warm season is finally beginning. The coats and hats can be packed away and replaced with T-shirts and shorts, while sandals and flip-flops can now be worn instead of boots.

As a parent, you are probably a bit more excited about the spring season than most. This is because warm weather means the end of being cooped up in the house and the beginning of wonderful outside playtime. 

While you may be tempted to shove the kids into the backyard and enjoy some peace and quiet, there is something to be said for heading out into the sunshine yourself. Sunshine contains essential vitamins and has the power to help fight depression. Besides, think of all the wonderful memories that could be made while playing outside with your kids!

Not sure what to do with yourself once you head out the door? Not to worry! There are hundreds of fun and exciting spring activities for children. While we can't list all of them, we have gathered a list of a few of our favorite springtime outdoor activities. Choose one, head to the backyard, and make some amazing memories with your kids while you can!

Squirt-Gun Painting

Everyone loves to play with water guns, and painting is just plain fun. Mix them together and you have the ideal messy outside activity that manages to rival making mud pies. 

To play, simply hang a large piece of butcher paper on an outside wall or fence. Next, mix water and powdered tempera paint in a cup or bowl, adjusting the ingredients until you have a bright but watery liquid. Add the paint mixture to a squirt gun, put the kids (and yourself) in painting attire, and let the kids go to town shooting paint all over the butcher paper. More colors and more water guns make this activity even more fun. 

Obstacle Course

If your kids are complaining of boredom while playing outside, it is likely because they haven't considered everything that can be done with their collection of outdoor toys. Have they ever tried creating an obstacle course?

Obstacle courses can be built from almost anything you have sitting around and are a great way to pass a warm spring day. Use hula hoops or old tires for stepping points, make a balance beam using bricks and an old board, and if you have them, add a slide, swing, and/or trampoline into the mix. 

Add to the challenge by timing each player to see who can make it through the fastest, and reward everyone with cold lemonade when the game has ended. 

Nature Scavenger Hunt

For most people, the words "nature walk" evoke images of hiking through woods and mountains. However, there is absolutely no reason why you and your children can't go on a nature walk in your very own neighborhood. In fact, there are probably tons of plants and animals that you walk by every day without even noticing. 

If you are looking for a way to spend a sunny afternoon, a nature walk may be just the thing. Want something a bit more interesting? Add a challenge in the form of a scavenger hunt. 

Put together a list of things to find while out on your walk, give a copy of the list to each player, and see who can find the most items listed. Good scavenger hunt items might include a squirrel, a dandelion, or a bird of a specific color. Get creative and have fun with it!

These are just a few of the exciting things you can do outside with the kids! Make a point of getting outside with them on a regular basis, and see what other ideas you can come up with together.

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