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Senior Reflections on Sewickley Academy

Senior Reflections on Sewickley AcademyThree members of the Class of 2017 – Carly, Michael, and Derrick – reflect on their time and experience at the Academy, the opportunities afforded to them by the school, and the value of a Sewickley Academy education.


Carly ’17

Being a “lifer” has enabled me to grow and indulge in all that Sewickley Academy has to offer. Through well-versed faculty to academically gifted classmates, I have been shaped into who I am and who I am meant to become. Sewickley Academy is committed to students. The student body has access to the most knowledgeable and thought-provoking teachers, enhancing the rich academic environment of the school, crafting an all the more exhilarating school experience.

Sewickley Academy, beginning at a young age, intends to “inspire and educate students to engage their hearts, minds, and hands to cultivate their full individual and collective potential in the service of a greater good.” Throughout my academic career at Sewickley, I have not only devoted my time to my studies and passions, but also sought to help the community in any way possible through service. I, for one, believe that a society is not shaped on one's act itself, but the power of the community coming together as a whole. That being said, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my academic growth within a school that utilized mutual values pertaining to the community. The school continuously reinforces the importance of “the greater good” or the community which shapes our society. I am grateful that I was able to attend a school with a curriculum and core values as encouraging as Sewickley Academy’s. I will always remember the robust foundation that this school has so graciously provided me now and for years to come.


Michael ’17

I came to the Academy in Grade 6 in pursuit of a better education, but gained more than challenging academics shortly after enrolling. In the past four years I have found a passion for ceramics, allowing me to submit an arts folder when applying to colleges. This strengthened my applications, as I received multiple acceptances from top schools. I played soccer prior to joining Sewickley and was able to continue playing as a Panther and contribute to two PIAA Championships. In Grade 8 I traveled to Spain, compelling me to learn more about community through immersion. Although I didn’t take a Spanish language class, I found this trip extremely educational as it was a great learning opportunity. This year, I was the president of the French and Italian club, a leadership role that allowed me to show my Italian heritage and language skills. Sewickley Academy has helped me broaden my academic, athletic, and social abilities the past seven years. I look forward to applying the skills I’ve learned at SA in college and throughout the rest of my life.


Derrick ’17

Some say Sewickley Academy is just a school, but I think it’s more than that. My time at the Academy has been interesting – I have met so many different people who have affected my life profoundly. From my baseball teammates who I have formed lasting bonds with to other members of the community who I’ve just briefly encountered, all of these people have left a lasting impression or a fond memory in my life. As a senior looking back over the years I have discovered that it doesn’t matter what people think about you, it matters how you perceive yourself. Just because you attend Sewickley Academy doesn’t mean that everything in life will fall right into place or right in your lap, a fact I recently realized. When I started my application to a military academy I thought I would be able to scoot by just because I went to Sewickley Academy, but in reality the school title alone didn’t garner an acceptance letter. I had to work hard in order to get where I wanted, and learned not to take anything for granted. I suddenly understood I am more fortunate than others when it comes to my education, and it has humbled me. My time at Sewickley Academy has taught me so many different skills and life lessons, and I am eternally grateful for every opportunity, experience, and outcome.

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