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Scrapbook Ideas For You and Your Children

Scrapbook Ideas For You and Your ChildrenEven in the digital age, making a scrapbook can be a great art project that, by its very nature, can last many years. Scrapbook ideas you can do with your children can be especially fun to engage in, as it doesn't take as much artistic talent as drawing or painting, but can still result in something beautiful and memorable.

The Memory Scrapbook idea

A great many scrapbooks are the sort that capture memories. Things to put in a memory scrapbook include:

  • Photographs of memorable events, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, weddings, vacations, and so on. Feel free to use library pocket cards to store photos so they can be easily taken out and enjoyed.
  • Tickets to movies or concerts. These can be placed in envelopes that are then glued onto a page of the scrapbook.
  • Brochures of memorable events such as vacations, concerts, graduations, and other ceremonies. Some people will photocopy the brochure and shrink the pages so that they fit on the scrapbook page.
  • Other memorabilia, including artwork, awards, coins, and stamps. The possibilities are endless.

Organizing the Memory Scrapbook

Many ways exist for organizing a memory scrapbook. Some people do it chronologically, putting in memorabilia such as photos and other items as they get collected. Others organize their scrapbooks by category, trips, birthdays, school days, best friends, and so on. Some kids will even make separate scrapbooks for each category.

Decorating the Pages of a Memory Scrapbook

Decorating the pages of a scrapbook, by putting things around the borders of the pages such as glitter, ribbons, and cut out shapes of colored paper, make them more attractive. These kinds of decorations will help further stimulate your child's artistic talent,

The Educational Scrapbook idea

If your child has a special interest, anything from space exploration to fashion, encourage him or her to create a scrapbook about that area of interest. This way, your child will not only have hours of fun putting the scrapbook together but will learn a few things about his or her favorite subject.

In times past, the act of putting together an educational scrapbook involved getting stacks of newspapers and magazines and methodically cutting out articles and photos to glue them into the pages. The enthusiastic scrapbook maker can still do it the old-fashioned way, since dead-tree newspapers and magazines still exist. But an internet connection and a photo-quality printer can yield tons of material that can be put into a scrapbook. Not only is almost everything printed on paper also online, but websites abound with plenty of material that will enrich an educational scrapbook.

Encourage your child to write notes about the various subjects covered by the scrapbook and then include them in the scrapbook, perhaps on three by five notecards.

As with the memory scrapbook, organizing the educational scrapbook is entirely up to the child putting it together. Placing cut-outs and photos into categories would be the best way to organize. For example, a space exploration scrapbook might include categories like moons, planets, stars, galaxies, space missions, and so on.

Some Concluding Thoughts

Labeling is important for any scrapbook. One way to label the scrapbook page is to buy a bunch of bubble labels and include them on each page. A brief label such as "Eighth Birthday Party" or "2016 High School Graduation" or "March 2015 Katy Perry Concert" would suffice.

The best type of book to make a scrapbook is a three ring binder, with pages that have already been punched or can be punched to fit into the book. That way, pages can be inserted where they need to be. This approach is particularly useful for a scrapbook that is organized chronologically.

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