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Parent and Family Resources for COVID-19

In speaking with Lower School parents as well as our own friends and family members who have younger kids, we appreciate how challenging these times are for parents and caregivers. Hang in there! Pat yourselves on the back!  You are surviving Virtual School – and more family togetherness over the past month than you probably ever imagined possible. 
In that spirit, we wanted to share just a couple of resources that have caught our eye and which might prove helpful during these uncertain and unsettling times.
This resource stands out for its abundance of daily tips and guidance for parents, including Facebook Live feeds, etc.
This one is from mid-March so some information is already a bit out of date but still very helpful-and a short video on COVID-19 for kids.

Beautiful illustrations and kid-friendly information 
Resources organized by:

Dr. Christine Herring, Director of Support Services
Lynn Sanborne, MSW, School Counselor