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New Year, New You: Map Your Resolutions For 2018

Happy New YearThe new year just arrived, and many people are making resolutions. They are resolving to lose weight, make better financial decisions, and find emotional peace.

These are all perfectly legitimate resolutions, and deciding on just one may seem difficult, to say the least. Besides, we would all like to have these aspects of our lives in order, right? 

If you are having a hard time deciding what you'd like to accomplish in 2018, maybe it's time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Instead of considering all the minor things you'd like to change and trying to choose only one of them, why not set out to improve yourself overall and then break the process down into steps? Setting and meeting a bigger goal does require some dedication, but it will also provide more motivation to finish the job you started and more gratification when you do reach that goal.

Once you have set the vague and all-encompassing goal to improve yourself this year, you may be wondering where in the world to even begin. Well, do you remember all of those tiny goals you were considering? Now is the time to put those into play.

Decide on very specific goals you'd like to reach in the next twelve months. These could fall into almost any category, but the most popular categories tend to be weight loss, mental health, fitness, and finances. Write all of your goals down —no matter how small— and make them as specific as possible. For instance, instead of just writing that you'd like to lose weight, decide on a specific goal weight. 

After writing down each and every small goal for the new year, you will need to break these goals down even more and provide yourself with steps for reaching them. Great ideas to reach common goals include:

  • Download the "Lose It!" app and follow it religiously for weight loss.
  • Download a meditation app (such as "Headspace") and set aside time each day for meditation to improve mental health.
  • Sign up for —and attend— yoga classes for mental health, weight loss, and fitness.
  • Acquire a gym membership and use it at least twice a week for fitness and weight loss. (Track using "Lose It!" or another weight-loss app for motivation.)
  • Set a realistic budget and follow it for better financial health. (The "You Need a Budget" program is ideal for this.)
  • Set up an automatic deposit to your savings account in order to grow your savings and curb unnecessary spending to improve finances.
  • Put credit cards in a block of ice in the freezer to prevent yourself from using them to begin working your way out of debt.
  • Up your monthly credit card payment(s) to work your way out of debt more quickly. 
  • Set up a food delivery each month (that includes only healthy foods) and avoid the grocery store to improve your eating habits.
  • Shop the farmer's market instead of the supermarket to improve eating habits.
  • Sign up for healthy food-subscription services such as Blue Apron and Graze to help improve your eating habits.

With your list of goals and steps in hand, pull out a calendar and write down when you will carry out each step in order to reach your goals. This will keep you focused and help you manage your time in such a way that keeps you moving forward at a steady pace.

Hopefully this article has helped inspire you to set some goals for 2017 so you can be the best you you've ever been! After all, what could be more important than feeling great, looking great, and being the very best example you can be for your little ones?

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