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Navigating College Admissions During a Pandemic

Navigating College Admissions During a Pandemic

In a time of uncertainty regarding so much in the world of college admissions, including the SAT, ACT, and AP exams, it is nice to know that Sewickley Academy has solid, experienced leadership to support our students through the ever more daunting maze of the college process. At its core, Sewickley Academy’s education is based on relationships for learning, and those relationships are key to helping students be successful in their college selection and application process. With two full-time, professional counselors with decades of combined college admissions experience, our students have the benefit of developing quality relationships with the counselor, who serves as their mentor, coach, guide, and cheerleader throughout the college process. With only 30 students to support, our counselors can truly focus on the needs, hopes, and dreams of each student.

The relationships that are the bedrock of an Academy education also inform the work of our counselors, who are well known among the college admissions officers who visit our school and, ultimately, make determinations about who to accept to their schools. Because they know Sewickley Academy and our counselors, college admissions officers can have confidence in our students and their capacity to succeed at the collegiate level. Our college list, year after year, demonstrates the strength of our program and the outstanding achievements of our students.

Beginning in Grade 9, students are provided with guidance that will help them make the most of their four years in our Senior School, positioning them for success down the road. During junior year, students work with their counselors to pull together a list of colleges to research. This iterative process, with some colleges being added and others removed from the list as students sharpen their thinking about their ultimate goals, is one that supports learning and growth and allows students to find their best-fit school.

Of course, the college admissions process is only the final aspect to an educational journey that demands much from our students, who learn to think critically, solve problems, write well, speak persuasively, and tap their creative talents as they work to become the best versions of themselves. When they graduate, our students have not only been accepted to great colleges and universities, they are prepared to thrive once they get there.

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