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Gifts from the Heart for Mother's Day

Gifts from the Heart for Mother's DayMother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 8, 2016. People everywhere will be buying chocolates and picking flowers to show mom just how much she is loved. Unfortunately, many times children — the people who should be showing the most appreciation — are left out of this holiday. Often dad will go out and purchase a gift and say it's from the kids, but it just isn't the same as giving something homemade from the heart.

Despite the fact that there is usually a lack of funds on the children's end, there are actually plenty of ways a young person can show their mother she is valued on Mother's Day without ever spending a cent. Here are a few ideas.

Make a Meal

If your mother is the one who tends to cook most often, give her a break this Mother's Day by filling her shoes in the kitchen. By making a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, a child can truly make their mom's day.

Younger children are perfectly capable of making a bowl of cereal with a side of fruit with a bit of help, and older kids and teens could likely take on a full-fledged dinner. Just make sure the mess gets cleaned up too! Nobody likes a messy kitchen.

Take a Picture

Every mom likes to look at her children. Give your mom something to treasure for years to come by getting dressed up, heading to the park, and snapping some pretty pictures. In order to make the photo even more special, include all siblings in the picture. Make a cardboard frame if possible so mom can hang the picture wherever she sees fit.

Do Chores

Is there one thing you know mom hates to do? Perhaps she isn't a fan of washing dishes, or maybe she seriously dislikes folding laundry. Whatever that task is, offer to do it. Better yet, offer to do multiple tasks by presenting her with a homemade book filled with coupons, which can be redeemed for certain chores.

Plan a Game Night

Precious time spent with family is a gift nobody could turn down. Surprise mom with a well-planned and fun family game night. Pull out a couple of her favorite games, make some snacks or treats to share, and get your game on. Make sure to laugh a lot and create some awesome memories.

Make a Book

Who doesn't love to hear how much they are cared for? Tell mom with a handmade "10 Things I Love About You" book. Use whatever pretty paper, stickers, and markers you can find around the house to make a personalized little keepsake that includes 10 (or more) things you adore about her.

Write a Poem

In the same vein as the book mentioned above, a poem could be an excellent way to tell your mom how special she is. If you are good with words, pull out a pen and give it a try. Add an illustration or a homemade frame to complete the gift. You might just write her the gift of a lifetime.


Often there are things lying around the house that can be reused to make something great. Take a look around and see what you might be able to create. Old T-shirts can be made into pillows, bags, or quilts, containers can be covered and made into pen holders, rocks can be painted and used as paper weights. Think outside of the box — the only limitation is your imagination. 

However you choose to celebrate Mother's Day, make sure your mom feels loved and appreciated. After all, she does do a lot for you; the least you can do is tell her how great she is.

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