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Summer Reading List for Students in Grades 1-5

A Great Summer Reading List for 1-5 Grade StudentsSummer may be nearing its end, but there's still plenty of time for your school-age children to get in some great summer reading opportunities. If you've been struggling to come up with something your kids will read this summer, look no further! These books will have your kids eagerly begging for more opportunities to curl up with a book. 

"Ramona Quimby, Age 8" by Beverley Cleary

This familiar classic by Beverley Cleary will strike a chord for many young readers. Ramona is a character who's easy to relate to, especially as she goes on a variety of adventures that will be sure to delight your children. Plenty of people are counting on Ramona, and she's frustrated with all of it, but that doesn't mean she's not ready to have some fun!

"The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Skene Catling

It's a classic case of "Be careful what you wish for!" as John Midas learns that it is, in fact, possible to have a bit too much of a good thing. He starts by wishing that everything that touches his lips will turn into chocolate. After all, it's his favorite food! Unfortunately, there are some things that shouldn't be made of chocolate--not to mention the fact that eventually, even his favorite treat isn't quite all it cracked up to be. 

"The Frog Princess" by e.d. baker

When the princess kisses the frog, he turns back into a prince, allowing them to live happily ever after together...right? In this fun retelling of the classic fairy tale, however, Emma's decision to kiss the frog who claims to be a prince backfires, turning her into a frog instead! As she and Eadric go on a variety of adventures together, young readers will giggle with delight at all of their escapades - not to mention the rest of the fairy tale friends they encounter along the way. 

"Tuesdays at the Castle" by Jessica Day George

Castle Glower is constantly changing: adding rooms, taking them away, and rearranging the existing rooms. No one has ever bothered to map it out before. But Celie, who has a deeper rapport with the castle than anyone, is doing exactly that! When the castle is ambushed and her mother and father are gone, it's up to Celie to save her siblings and keep the castle intact. This excellent read combines adventure, magic, and fairy tale into a fascinating story that will have kids turning pages long past their bedtime. 

"Princess Academy" by Shannon Hale

Miri has always liked her simple life - until it's discovered that the prince's future bride must come from her village. All of the teenage girls in her village must attend the Princess Academy in order to learn how to be a princess. She isn't even sure if she wants to be the princess. Winning the contest would give her everything she's ever dreamed of, but she would have to give up everything she's ever known in the process. 

"The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: The Dark Prophecy" by Rick Riordan

Fans of Rick Riordan's latest series will be delighted by The Dark Prophecy as familiar character Lester leaves Camp Halfblood behind and goes on a quest to restore the Oracles that have gone dark. Lester - who is really Apollo, the son of Zeus - will need the help of many fascinating characters along the way if he hopes to complete his quest successfully. 

These easy chapter books are a great way to fill your child's time this summer. From old classics that you'll delight in reading again yourself to new favorites that will be sure to delight your kids, these summer reads could be some of the best parts of your child's summer. Introduce them to a few new friends who will be sure to spark their imaginations and have them sneaking under the covers with a flashlight long past bedtime. 

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