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Getting Your High School Student Geared Up and Ready To Go Back To School

Getting Your High School Student Geared Up and Ready To Go Back To SchoolHigh school students have been there, done that, and they have the collection of t-shirts to prove it. They've been through back-to-school season plenty of times, and chances are, they aren't particularly excited about exchanging the leisure of summer for the rigors of the school year. With a little effort, however, you can help your high school student shift into the school-year mindset and send them off to school with a great attitude.

Get the Gear

Let's face it, even high school students love that moment when they open up a fresh new box of crayons or turn to the first page in a new notebook. Let your child have some freedom in deciding what school supplies they want. Then, add in some back-to-school shopping that's a little more up their alley - new clothes. Picking out the perfect outfit for the first day back or choosing a few new clothes for the fall will help your child get more excited about the coming school year.

Watch the Activities

When your child enters high school, they'll have the option of joining more clubs, sports, and activities than ever before. Everything sounds like fun, from joining the literary magazine staff or participating in the school play to joining the band or checking out a variety of different sports teams. There's just one problem: the more activities your child chooses, the more likely they are to get overloaded, stressed, and burnt out. Moderate your child's activities. You know your high schooler enough to know how many after-school activities they can really handle. Make sure you limit them to that number to help them keep a better attitude throughout the school year.

Connect With Friends

It can be difficult to stay in touch with friends over summer vacation, especially if you're one of the rare parents who hasn't given your child a smart phone. Make the opportunity to give your child a chance to reconnect with their friends and make plans for the first day of school. Let them have time to compare schedules, talk about activities, and discuss the all-important back-to-school events. As they chat with their friends and realize that they'll be able to see them more often, many teens will become more eager to start the school year.

Discuss the Routine

When you have small children at home, you create the routine. As your children get older, however, they can help develop it. You no longer have to set out your child's clothes before they go to bed, and they might prefer packing their own lunch or grabbing whatever the school is offering. Sit down and have a discussion about the back-to-school routine. What chores need to be done before school every day? What about after school, especially if your child will beat you home? When is the best time for your child to complete their homework - immediately or after having some time to wind down? If you have a new driver who will be driving to school for the first time, talk about the best time to leave in order to get to school safely. By developing your schedule together, you increase the likelihood that your independent teenager will follow through on the requests you're making.

Developing a good attitude for the beginning of the school year can help your child do better in their classes, develop better rapport with their teachers, and engage more with the subjects being taught. By preparing for school before the school year begins, you can get your high school student started on the right foot and ready to tackle the demands of their new schedules, new teachers, and new friends. It's a brand new year, complete with a brand new opportunity to make the most of it!

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