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Four Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts From The Heart

Four Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts From The HeartMother's Day is just around the corner. Every year you try to come up with a gift that’ll show her what a terrific wife and mother she is to you and your kids, but you always end up getting the standard gift: flowers or chocolates with a card. This year you and the kids want to give her something unique that really comes from the heart. Here are four meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that you and your children can create together or have professionally made. Either way, she’s sure to adore the beautiful gift.

Jar of Love

She’ll treasure a jar filled with love. For this special gift, you and the kids will need a mason jar, some ribbon, and plenty of small, colorful pieces of paper. Help the children jot down 52 things you love about her, one for every week of the year. You could include things like her smile, great advice she’s given to you, her compassion, her sense of humor, things she’s said or done that made a difference in your life, her loyalty to family and friends, etc. When you’re done, fold the pieces of paper in half and put them in the jar. Finish off the jar by capping it, tying a pretty ribbon in her favorite color around the top, and decorating the jar with pretty flower stickers if you desire. She can pull “love” out of the jar every week. If your children are extremely close to their mother, all of you could even make it a jar of 365 things you love about her so she can pull out a wonderful sentiment every day.

Customized Photo Book

If none of you like arts and crafts, it’s very simple to create a lovely gift using an online photo album. No more sitting for an entire day going through piles of pictures — you just need a computer, tablet, or smartphone to grab pictures from anywhere online, including Facebook! The picture spread on the inside can be entirely created by you and your children, or you can use a template. Most online photo sites offer many colors, styles, backgrounds, and embellishments, and you can select between a soft and hard cover. The best part is these online albums are affordable. It’s a gift that she can treasure forever!

Recorded Stories

Is your wife tech savvy? Together, you all can create an MP3 file filled with touching and funny stories about her. It could be tales about her childhood, times you’ve shared together, favorite family traditions, and so forth. Using your smartphone, you can take advantage of one of the plethora of apps out there to record everyone’s memories. Then download them to an audio MP3 file and send it to her email. If one of your children is away on a senior class trip but wants to get in on the gift, make use of freeconferencecall.com. Pick a time for everyone to call the phone number supplied by freeconferencecall, record the call as you all share stories, and email her the MP3 file. See? Easy! Even if she isn’t computer literate, you can always use an app or a website and make a CD instead.

Pretty Photo Bouquet

If she loves flowers, give her a bouquet she’s sure to remember! Get the kids and gather all the photos you can of the family. Next, you’ll need a plastic flower pot, green florist foam, green pipe cleaners, craft glue, and brightly-colored construction paper. All you have to do is cut flower shapes out of the construction paper, glue the pictures in the center of each flower shape, attach a pipe cleaner to the back, and stick the “flower” in the florist foam that you’ve placed in the pot. If you have children in elementary school, this is a marvelous gift for them to assemble  and fun. Make sure you cut the pipe cleaners to different sizes so each picture can be easily seen. Oh, and don’t forget to make leaves! One option is to cut some florist foam into leaf shapes and glue to the pipe cleaners. Another option is to twist some pipe cleaners around each flower stem. Tie a pretty ribbon around the pot and voilà — an instant bouquet that will last forever!

Whichever one of these fantastic gifts you and the family chose — or if you all come up with another idea — she'll know how special she is to all of you, now and always.

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