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Five Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Five Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's DayMany parents find themselves at a loss when it comes to Mother's Day. Not only do you have to honor your own mother, you also want to celebrate without putting a huge additional burden on the very mother you're trying to celebrate. These five creative Mother's Day celebrations, however, will help everyone have plenty of funwithout making a huge mess that Mom will have to take care of later.

1. Take a Family Trip Just for Mom

Where is it that Mom always wants to go, but rarely does? Would she be delighted by a trip to the zoo or aquarium? What about a day at the botanic garden? Choose a trip that Mom will love. If you're planning your own celebration because you're a single mom or because your spouse is looking for ideas, choose a trip that will allow you to spend the day relaxing with your family. There's just one rule: no whining!

2. Teach the Kids to Cook

In the days leading up to Mother's Day, take the time to teach the kids how to prepare a simple breakfast togetherand clean up after it. If the kids are too young to cook for themselves, go ahead and prepare a meal that can be kept in the fridge or freezer until it's time to celebrate, or when an older sibling (or Dad) can simply slide it into the oven, then serve it to the family. That way, Mom gets a special breakfast and the kids aren't making a huge mess in the kitchen. 

3. Take Family Pictures

If you don't have the money to spare for a photographerthough they're certainly worth the costtake your camera or smart phone, dress the kids up in their favorite outfits, and go to a local park for an afternoon of photography. Don't worry about making everything perfect. That only stresses everyone out and takes all the fun out of it! Instead, take some fun, candid pictures. Encourage each of the kids to wear their favorite outfit instead of forcing everyone to dress up. At the end of the day, you'll have some great memories that Mom will be able to cherish for a lifetime. Don't forget to get everyone in the pictures, and let the kids take a few of Mom, too!

4. Get Out in the Garden

Do you have a family garden? Whether its filled with herbs, veggies, or gorgeous flowers, use Mother's Day as an opportunity to get everyone to pull some weeds or add a few new seeds to the garden. Encourage the kids to choose a plant that reminds them of Mom to add to the garden. It may surprise you to see what they chooseand you'll have a reminder of the day that will last the whole season.

5. Get Creative Together

When it comes to art projects with kids, you have choices: you can embrace the mess and accept that it's going to happen, or you can go digital! There are plenty of companies that now offer great photo gifts, from jigsaw puzzles to bags, mugs, and more. Get creative together, combine some of your best memories from the past year, and create a gift that will bring a smile to Mom's face every time she uses it. 

This Mother's Day, kick back and have some fun with the kids. Either plan ahead to avoid the mess or simply embrace it: after all, some of the best memories are also the messiest ones! Most of all, remember that you're making memoriesboth for the kids and for Mom.

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