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Fall Activities in Pittsburgh: Adult Coloring Books for Teens

Fall Activities in Pittsburgh: Adult Coloring Books for TeensLooking for a fun way to connect to your teenager this fall? Giving coloring a try! While most coloring books for adults are not designed for kids, they are a good way to keep most teenagers entertained. In addition, they provide a way for adults to break the ice with non-talkative teens.

a bridge activity that gets teens off their phones

Adults need to spend quality time with their teenagers, and it can be difficult to find an activity that is fun for everyone. Engaging with teens in conversation without the use of technology can be hard, and coloring is the perfect activity to turn to when your nature walk does not pan out because of the weather. 

Artistic advantages of using adult coloring books with teens

Coloring book companies often add many special touches to address what adults are looking for. This is why they are usually printed on high-quality paper that easily absorbs professional or artist markers without colors leaking outside the lines. Pastels, watercolors, and other adult coloring art supplies also look professional enough to hang on the wall with this style of high-quality paper.  

Coloring book party ideas

Another way to have fun this fall is to have a coloring book party. Single page coloring books are a perfect fit for having your teenager and his or her friends over for pizza for some good old-fashioned coloring. This works as an icebreaker for some teens who do not normally consider themselves artists, makers, or crafters, as they often find a lot of unexpected fun with coloring books.

Why teens like certain types of adult coloring books

Teens like almost anything that is new or trendy because they are curious. Listed below are several other reasons an adult coloring book can be an ideal activity for teenagers.  

  • It provides a passive way to enjoy time and truly immerse the mind in creativity.
  • Many adult coloring books are coil-bound, which is easier to work with than paste-bound versions with spines like the ones for children.
  • Coil-bound coloring books have pages that are easier to tear away for sharing without ripping because they do not have spines.
  • Heavy stock paper means markers do not bleed through to the next image.
  • Heavy stock paper with single-sided images is good for making the completed coloring book page into a card or gift.
  • Adult-themed coloring books make teens feel like they are being taken seriously instead of being treated like a child.

Adult coloring books to avoid for teens

Teens are likely to enjoy a number of coloring books for adults, but it does not mean all adult coloring books are appropriate. The pictures in some of the adult-oriented coloring books might not have explicit images, but the themes or captions might not be appropriate for teenagers. In some instances, the coloring book will point out that it is geared towards adults because of the intricate images, or it will indicate that the book can be used by someone of any age.

What you need for coloring book parties for teens

The main idea with this activity is to let teenagers participate in an "adult" activity. Consider leaving the kids art supplies in the cupboard and instead use this an opportunity for teens to start using adult-oriented art supplies. Most college campuses will have adult coloring supplies, and they often have markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and oil pastels.  

Whether you're unwinding with your teenager after a long week or your teen and his/her friends are having a weekend get-together, coloring is the perfect activity to unwind, relax, and be creative.

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