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Easter Crafts and Ideas for Every Family

Easter Crafts and Ideas for Every Family

Easter, like Christmas, comes with a plethora of traditions, and wherever your beliefs lie, there is beauty in all of it. With this spring holiday, new life abounds as we naturally see more sunlight; we see pastels. According to Christianity, long ago Jesus rose from the dead, saving the world from sin, and this miracle is the origin of the holiday many of us honor today. While the original reason for Easter is certainly at the forefront of our minds, this is also a day when we begin to celebrate the inevitable season of spring. It seems that new life is not only found in the resurrection of Jesus, but in the resurrection of nature. We finally start to see color again after a long, cold winter. Our skin feels warmth, flowers bloom, and birds start chirping.

Whether you're into bunnies and birds, carrots and colored eggs, or strict history and redemption, read on for a few fresh ideas on how to celebrate the holiday with your family.


The front door is such a wonderful place to make the holidays feel festive, and Easter is no exception. To make a simple Easter wreath, all you need is a wreath form, some paint, and a few embellishments. Opt for a styrofoam wreath and wrap it in pastel-colored yarn or ribbon. If you have fabric scraps, use them! Like patchwork quilts, a patchwork Easter wreath can be breathtaking. Glue on a wooden figure of a bunny, Easter egg, or cross (found at most craft stores) and string on letters to say "Happy Easter" or "Welcome." Alternately, opt for a twig wreath and spray paint it a pastel color. Leave it just like that or place some silk flowers around it for a spring look.  


Some of the best crafts include food. This year, plan an Easter pancake feast. If your child loves to cook, consider surprising them with a chef's Easter basket, complete with a chef's hat, apron, mixing bowl, measuring spoons, and all the ingredients for pancakes. Get out your gingerbread cookie cutter and make bunny pancakes! Just add apple slices for the ears and a marshmallow for a fuzzy tail.


We're not talking about decorating eggs; instead use plastic eggs to create a masterpiece! Just set out several pieces of cardstock and a few small paper plates with light-colored paint. Set plastic eggs on plates with matching paint, dip the open part of the egg half into the paint and then use it to create colorful circles all over the paper. Consider cutting the paper afterward to use as beautiful cards throughout the year, or paint on top of a white tablecloth to make a whimsical backdrop for your Easter feast!  


Celebrate in a yummy way and visually bring home the meaning of Easter with your kids. To make an Easter tomb, you'll need to bake a cake in a well-greased (oven safe, of course) glass bowl or cake pan. After it is baked, cut an opening in one side to mimic the open tomb. The night before Easter, set a lady finger just inside the tomb and on Easter morning remove it. Read the story of Easter and watch Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol. Make crosses using popsicle sticks and use stickers, paint, markers, and glitter to decorate.


We can't talk about Easter without mentioning the Easter basket. Let us encourage you to think outside the basket here! Make your own basket with boxes of candy glued together to form four walls and a bottom. Use a toy dump truck, an umbrella (opened up to contain goodies), a bike helmet, a watering can or sandbox bucket, or even a kiddie pool. Woven baskets are cute but let's face it, woven baskets won't stand up to kids who love to play. To fill the basket, set your eyes on new books, games and activities, Play-Doh, a new Bible, bubbles, water guns, Nerf guns, and a little candy.

Consider hiding the Easter baskets and creating a scavenger hunt or treasure map to lead the way to Easter treasures.

Whatever your Easter holiday holds, we hope it is beautiful and filled with a lot of family fun!

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