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Be a Budding Artist at Home – Learn to Draw a Simple Landscape

Be a Budding Artist at Home – Learn to Draw a Simple Landscape

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to walk outside and spend lots of time looking at the flowering trees. REALLY LOOKING.

Trees in Front Yard
Here are two trees in my yard: one is a Japanese Quince, the other is a Magnolia.
Trees inspiration me and fill me with joy! Naturally, I just want to draw and paint them.

Today, let's draw a simple landscape. Use whatever supplies you have such as pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons. Try to use unlined paper. You can even use copier paper. However, if you have sketching paper, use that – it is better to use that because it is thicker.

Here are step by step images using a sketchbook, a black marker, crayons, and colored pencils.

The first slide is a worksheet we use in the Lower School art studio that emphasizes the basic shapes you might find and encourages you to use sketching lines (or controlled wiggly lines).

Drawing Steps 1Once I have done the basic sketching in, I like using cross-hatching to emphasize the solidity of the tree trunk and some of the larger branches.

Drawing Steps 2

This picture has three trees, a large tree in the foreground, a medium tree in the middle-ground, and a smaller tree in the background. Notice that the hills overlap the bottom of each tree. Just for fun, I added softly-sketched shadows.

Drawing Steps 3

When it comes to color, I love the bright pastel shades of spring. To suggest bright green leaf buds and pink blossoms, I simply make small dabs of color here and there. Also, I added wiggles of yellow just to brighten it up. By making the sky a little dark, the tree looks brighter.

Drawing Steps 4

When you’re at home, allow the budding artist in you to grow by trying to sketch some trees you see that make you happy.

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