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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids of All Ages

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids of All AgesAre your kids looking to dress up this Halloween? Bring some creativity to their Halloween costumes without breaking the bank! Here are some fun and simple DIY ideas that you can make or put together on your own to help get you and your children in the Halloween spirit.

Infant – age 2

Baby Boys

  • Scarecrow – All you need is a plaid shirt, overalls, a hat, and some straw.
  • Peter Pan – Just get a green shirt and green pants, as well as some green felt to make the hat. Here is an example of the Peter Pan outfit you can create.
  • Cowboy – Get some cowboy boots, a hat, and a handkerchief, and then your little one is all set!

Baby Girls

  • Boo (From Monsters, Inc.) – Dress your little girl up like Boo from Monsters, Inc. with a slightly large pink shirt, pigtails, and a toy Sully to carry around.
  • Beanie Baby – Use one of your baby’s warm onesies, preferably one with long sleeves and pants and maybe even a hood. Then make the classic Beanie Baby heart tag to finish the look.


Children Ages 3-6

Little Boys

  • Bulldozer – If you have a cardboard box, construction paper, and paint, you can make your little boy’s dreams come true with a bulldozer Halloween costume. Here is an example.
  • Thomas the Train – Little boys love trains, cars, and trucks. Make a Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween costume like this one using one of the old diapers or wipe boxes you have lying around.

Little Girls

  • Poppy the Troll – Trolls is a popular film favorite for children of all ages. If your little one likes Trolls, then she may be interested in a Poppy the Troll costume for Halloween! Learn how to make Poppy’s dress here.
  • Princesses – Is your little girl obsessed with a particular princess? You can make almost any princess's dress using tulle. Here are some examples: Belle, Snow White, Moana, and Rapunzel


Children Ages 7-13

  • Power Ranger – Have your child choose the color Power Ranger he or she would like, then get them a shirt and pants in that color. Now you just need to add the white triangles and a helmet/mask, if possible.
  • Pirate – Pull out some boots, an eye patch, a red sash and a vest, and your child is ready to be a pirate!
  • The Hulk – This one can be a lot of fun. Tear up a shirt and make the bottom of some pants ragged worn and torn, then paint your child green! After this, he’s all set to be the Incredible Hulk.
  • Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman is an empowering symbol and an inspiring hero; here is just one way you can make this costume for your daughter so she can be the hero this Halloween.
  • Witch – You could do a few different versions of a witch costume, including Glenda the Good Witch, The Wicked Witch, or even a punk witch with colored hair and a tie.
  • Fairy – You can’t be a fairy without wings! Here are some DIY wing ideas. You can also use a cape, a pretty dress, and some pointed ears.


Children ages 14-16

Let them choose characters from their favorite shows or movies. Some possible options include:

  • Elf or Hobbit (Lord of the Rings)
  • A Hero (The Avengers)
  • Witch or Wizard (Harry Potter)
  • Troll (Trolls)
  • Power Ranger (Power Rangers)
  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
  • A Villain (Descendants)
  • Spider-Man (Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming)
  • Gamora or Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)
  • Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or Ray (Star Wars)
  • Thor or the Hulk (Thor)
  • Moana or Maui (Moana)
  • Batman or Superman (Batman v. Superman)
  • Dory or Nemo (Finding Dory)
  • Strange (Dr. Strange)
  • Ghostbuster (Ghostbusters)

If your child is having a hard time deciding what he or she wants to be for Halloween, take a walk around the house, and search through the closets and drawers and see what you can find. Sometimes the odds and ends or a certain shirt or dress can get the creative juices flowing, and before you know it you'll be putting together a fun costume.

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