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Create the best Trove of memories you can

Create the Best Trove of Memories You CanDear Fellow Parents,

First Day. This morning, I saw a ritual play out that I have now been privileged to witness for 30 years: drop off on the first day of school. Pictures, hugs, and excited smiles (no tears this year that I could detect!). I, too, had a moment like many of you when last week Susan and I dropped our sons off at their colleges. We got them moved in, helped to unpack, took pictures in front of their dorms and with their new roommates, and then had to get into the car and leave them behind.  These are the milestones of being a parent. When we started our journey at SA in Kindergarten, older parents would tell us that the years go quickly. Little did we know how quickly. Now in an empty house, we look back at all the wonderful times and memories that filled the days at SA, and we can see how those occasions prepared our boys for their latest step. As much as we parents want to be prepared, however, I am not sure there is a way to be ready for the feeling of coming down to the kitchen on our first morning after dropping the boys off and realizing the house is empty. They are not upstairs grabbing the last few winks. Perhaps you are made of sterner stuff, but that is when I lost it, sitting alone at the kitchen table with my cup of coffee.

Each step in our journey as parents has elements of joy and elements of wistfulness as we leave one stage behind and try to revel in the next. As you begin this year with your own children, I hope you will take the time to enjoy the moments, big and small. As the wise older parents told us so many years ago, the times does pass quickly, so commit to creating the best trove of memories you can.

With best wishes for a wonderful school year,

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