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Why Would I Send My Child To Sewickley Academy's Middle School?

Why Would I Send My Child to Sewickley Academy's Middle School?

I am sometimes asked, “Why would I send my child to Sewickley Academy’s Middle School?  Shouldn’t I just wait for Senior School?”

As the father of two Middle School students, I would respond in a couple of different ways to these questions. First, education is a process, and I am glad that my children are at a school that consciously thinks about that process across fourteen years. Arguably, the most important part of an education is the development of the foundation, not just the knowledge and the skills, but the disposition to learning, and the development of responsibility, autonomy, and discipline. When I look at how my boys have grown since their arrival at the Academy, and now especially to see the remarkable progress they have made in the Middle School, I can see that they are being prepared for the increased challenges they will face in the future. This is because the Middle School is intentionally focused on the needs of students in the middle years. The faculty are people who enjoy working with pre-adolescents and adolescents, and who understand those developmental needs and work with them and not against them in supporting the learning and growth of students both in and out of the classroom. By the end of Grade 8, students are prepared and ready to tackle the challenges of the Senior School and, moreover, to take advantage of the opportunities they will have there.

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