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Brittnea Turner

Director of Public Relations

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Celebrate Labor Day in A Different Way

To many Americans, Labor Day is just a day for another cookout. For you, maybe it holds a celebration to end the summer or a day off to get backpacks ready for the first day of school. But Labor Day is so much more. While it is a great day for hamburgers, it is first a day to celebrate people who work, and a day to remember that all working requires a rest. This is a day to remember how, in the past, American working conditions were not so good.

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Topics: Holidays

The Power of One Campus: SA Technology Students Bridge the Gap Between the Lower and Senior Schools

A conversation between Lower School Technology Coordinator Ms. Julia Tebbets and Senior School Technology Coordinator Mrs. Cristy McCloskey sparked a collaboration which benefited students in two of the Academy’s divisions.

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Topics: Education

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