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Alumni Reflections: From Small Towns to The Big Apple - Sam Klaber '14

Alumni Reflections- From Small Towns to The Big Apple - Sam Klaber '14Currently a summer intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in New York City, Sam Klaber ’14 is studying accounting and financial management at Bucknell University. When it came to finding his own path at both the Academy and Bucknell, Sam said that learning from the success of others and creating his own individual plan has been most important in his growth as a student and future professional.

Sam felt that one of the most important things he learned during his time at Sewickley was effective speech developed through oral presentations and class discussion. He expressed that this has made a big impact when it comes to interviewing. He also paid close attention to the successful adults he was exposed to at the Academy, hoping to learn about and understand their paths to success.

“In terms of professional development, every time the Academy brought in professionals to speak, whether they were parents or alumni, it was a step closer to knowing what direction I wanted to go in after school. Seeing the path that successful people took from school to where they ended up also helped me decide what kind of college I wanted to go to,” Sam said.

Sam’s diligence helped him make future decisions with confidence, including his matriculation to Bucknell where he will be captain of the squash team this coming year. One of his most valuable experiences at Sewickley Academy was founding the squash team, an experience that taught him leadership and organizational skills. “I had the opportunity at Sewickley Academy to handle the whole process [of running the team] — from getting approval to use the Edgeworth Club’s facilities to running practices and recruiting my classmates to play,” Sam said.

Sam encourages students to find a clear direction for their education and future career early in their schooling, using the resources a Sewickley Academy education provides to improve their competency. “I found that having some idea [of the path I wanted to pursue]  made my college decision process and job interview process worlds easier,” he reflected. “Students should take advantage of the opportunity they have and push to get everything they can out of their time at the Academy either by playing a sport or joining a club and doing their best to move into leadership roles.”

Sam plans to stay in New York City after his graduation this coming spring. He still retains his strong connections to the Pittsburgh area, however, like cheering on the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals this past spring with other Sewickley alumni at a Pittsburgh bar in New York.  

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