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Pittsburgh Parenting Blog by Sewickley Academy

Sewickley Academy: Resource Blog for Parents

In Celebration of Black History Month: Sophomore Shares Connection to Renowned Photographer Teenie Harris

9 Questions With Marzia Cozzolino (SS History and Social Science)

9 Questions With Lindsay Downs (Hansen Library Assistant Librarian)

Making Things Happen in the Makerspace

Early Childhood Program Adapts Reggio Emilia Approach to Teaching

6 Tips for Helping Your Teen Transition to High School

Explore the History of Pittsburgh with Your Teenager

Winter Break Family Read Alouds

What's the Difference between a Merit Scholarship and Need-Based Financial Aid?

The Ultimate Holiday Gift – a Superior Education!

Celebrating the History of Thanksgiving Day

"Around The World In 80 Days" Student Review

Q&A with SA's New Kindergarten Teacher Holly Seifert

Q&A With SA's New Director of After Ours Khala Wade

Q&A With Breakthrough Pittsburgh's New Coordinator of Student and Family Support Lawrence Gunter

Q&A With SA's New Senior School Math Teacher Seamus Coons

Q&A With SA's new Senior School Latin Teacher Joel Svensson

Q&A with SA's New Middle School English Teacher Chelsea Begg

Q&A with SA's New Senior School Science Teacher Mary Brayer

Q&A with SA's New Dance Teacher Heidi Murr

Q&A with SA's New Senior School Math Teacher Christy Fairman

Q&A with SA's New Director of Human Resources Robert Allison

Q&A with SA's New Middle and Senior School Art Teacher Kate Mason

A Love Letter to Toni Morrison

10 Maze Runner Read Alikes [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 13 Reasons Why Read Alikes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pittsburgh Proud: Nine Books Set in our City

Top 10 Checked Out Books From Hansen Library in 2019

17 Book Recommendations for Middle School Children

Top 10 Tips to Surviving Middle School

Why Would I Send My Child To Sewickley Academy's Middle School?

Tips to Find the Right Prom Date (and Attire!)

Creative Ways to Make Reading and Writing Fun

The Gateway To The World

Pittsburgh Proud: Reasons We Love Our City

Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Pittsburgh

How To Entertain Your Sick Child Without Turning On The Television

An Entrepreneur and an Environmentalist

Exploring Sewickley: Helping Others Find A Place To Call Home

Drexel University Goes Green

Breaking All the Rules: Smith Brothers Agency

How to Make the Most Out of Shadow Days at Private Schools

Tom Droney's Remarkable Journey on the Court

Twisted Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

A Friendsgiving to Remember

Video Tour of the New Cavalier Room with Ruth Neely

12 Family-Friendly Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Four Ways Kids Can Be Involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A Less Expensive Way to do Your Back-to-School Shopping

Summer Recipes: Summer Lunches

Light Summer Recipes

Summer Recipes: Evening Hors d'Oeuvres

Summer Recipes: Homestyle Breakfasts

Summer Recipes: Barbecue Classics

No Pool? No Problem! Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer Reads: Superheroes

Summer Reads: Tales of Travel

Spring Clean Your Relationships While You Clean Up Your Home

Spring Cleaning: Conquer Your Closets with These Tips

Summer Reads: Read Alikes

Hats Off to the Class of 2018 and Thanks for the Memories!

Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate

Summer Camps For Every Kid

Six Steps to Organize Toys in Your Home

Healthy & Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Five Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Take Care of Mother Nature on Earth Day

Plan A Staycation in Pittsburgh

Easter Crafts and Ideas for Every Family

The History of Passover and Ways to Celebrate with your Kids

Spring Break Getaways Your Family Will Love

Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with Kids and Adults

The Wonders of Winter Reading

Is Time Up For Daylight Saving Time?

Senior Reflections: My Day as the Director of Teaching and Learning

Senior Reflections: An International Student’s Perspective on Sewickley Academy

Why We Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrating Presidents Day with History and Fun

Winter Wonders: Five Great Activities for Winter Fun

Give More Than Candy To Your Kids For Valentine's Day

Spread the Love: Romantic and Platonic Valentine's Ideas for Adults

Spread the Love This Valentine's Day 

10 Ways to Make Reading and Writing Fun

Scrapbook Ideas For You and Your Children

Simple Origami Pets To Create With Your Children

New Year, New You: Map Your Resolutions For 2018

Gift-Giving Guide for the Holidays

Gift Giving This Holiday Season: How to Give Generously to Everyone You Love

Teaching Your Child to Give Back this Holiday Season

Celebrating the December Holidays

Alumni Reflections: From Small Towns to The Big Apple - Sam Klaber '14

Decorating Your Home with Thanksgiving Decor

Classroom Corner: Flexible Seating in Grade 1

5 Entertaining Pumpkin Patches in the Pittsburgh Area (Part II)

Lunch Time Prep for Moms and Dads on a Budget

Alumni Reflections: Stepping Outside Her Comfort Zone - Melina George ’14

5 Entertaining Pumpkin Patches in the Pittsburgh Area (Part I)

Fall Festivals Worth Checking Out in Pittsburgh

Senior School House Prefect Leila '18 Addresses the Academy

Welcome Back to School by Senior School President Henry Meakem '19

Summer YUM: Recipes for Both Kids and Adults

Beat The Heat With a Water-Based Obstacle Course

3 Steps To Transition Your Child Back Into a School Schedule

Celebrate Labor Day in A Different Way

Fun in the Sun: Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Alumni Reflections: From SA to UGA - Mackenzie Pryor '14

Seven Summer Reads For Moms

Summer Reading List for Students in Grades 1-5

Summer Reading for High School Students

Summer Reading Suggestions for Middle School Students

Three Exciting and Educational Pennsylvania Road Trips

Plan Your Summer: Five Awesome Staycation Ideas the Kids Will Love

Three Amazing Fourth of July Celebrations in Pittsburgh

Summer Camps: Making the Most out of Summer

Ways for Every Age to Celebrate Dad on Father's Day

Spring is in Full Bloom, So Head Outside!

Graduation Celebration: Five Snack Table Ideas For Your Grad's Party

Memorial Day Picnic Ideas

Three Fun Spring Crafts to Do with the Kids

Four Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts From The Heart

Spring is Here! Get Out and Experience the World

Senior Reflections on Sewickley Academy

Spring Cleaning: Four Ways to Organize Your Children's Rooms

The Power of One Campus: SA Technology Students Bridge the Gap Between the Lower and Senior Schools

St. Patrick's Day Fun for Everyone

Six Reads from Pretty Little Liars to Get Your Teen Through the Show's Hiatus

Weekend Warriors: How to Keep Your Kid Fit When They Can't Get Outside

Weekend Warriors! How To Keep Your Kids Fit In The Winter

Helping Your High School Student Thrive

Lighting One's Passion

A Lesson on Education through Clay

Celebrating Presidents' Day with Kids

Nelson Mandela Quote about Education

Craft Ideas You Can Do with Your Children on Valentine’s Day

Tape of the Day

Learning at Sewickley Academy

International Dinner

The Actor

Holding on and Letting Go: Parenting in Middle School

"The Athlete"

The Many Wonderful Options for Educating Your Child

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: An Overview of the Man, and the History of the Holiday

A Letter to Varsity Basketball Parents

Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Homemade Gifts: Christmas From the Heart

Hot Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Kid on Your Nice List (Pst! They're Educational, Too!)

Holiday Happenings in Pittsburgh

Holiday Activities for Children: Crafts You'll Actually Use Again

Six Tips For Parenting Your Pre-K or Kindergarten Student

These Aren't Your Ordinary Fall Activities in Pittsburgh

Celebrating Veterans Day with Kids

Fun Fall Nature Crafts

A Letter To Early Childhood Parents

Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes for All Ages

Fall Activities in Pittsburgh: Adult Coloring Books for Teens

Fall Activities in Pittsburgh: Fall Fun on the Farm

Rainy Day? Get Them Off Their Devices By "Catching" Adventurous Reads

Children Helping in the Community

Weekend Getaways: The Smithsonian Institution

Back to School: Organization and Routine

Getting Your High School Student Geared Up and Ready To Go Back To School

Create the best Trove of memories you can

Vintage Vibes: Four Classic Lit Books That Still Feel Current

The History of Labor Day And Ways To Celebrate

Preparing Your Elementary School Child to Head Back to School

Best Summer Reads for Older Children

Weekend Getaways: Cape May

Grade 8 Commencement Address by Academy Parent Dr. Stephanie Phillips

The 10 Best Summer Reads for Teenagers

Best Summer Reads for Young Children

Free Summer Fun in Pittsburgh

Grade 5 Commencement Address by Head Of Lower School Dr. Cricket Mikheev

5 Things To Do After Graduation

Fourth of July Fun

Closing Out Your Child's School Year

Last-Minute Father's Day Crafts To Score a Home Run

A Weekend Getaway to Hershey, PA

Enjoyable Spring Activities for Children

Celebrate Memorial Day

Why Astronomy Education Matters

Sweet Charity: Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Gifts from the Heart for Mother's Day

Spring Garden Activities for Children

Rainy Day Activities for Children to Keep them from Going Stir-Crazy

Spring Activities for Children: Watch the Birdie

What can I do with my Kid’s Artwork?

Three Surefire Ways to Make Reading and Writing Fun

Keep Your Eyes On The Stars, And Your Feet On The Ground

Make Time For Family Game Night

Easter crafts and activities for the family

Five Ideas For an Awesome Spring Break "Staycation"

St. Patrick's Day Fun for the Family

Spring Break Travel Tips: More Fun For Less Money

What do Grapes, Laffy taffy and Alligators have in Common? Multiple Modalities

Mess-Free Craft Ideas

Stop Procrastinating and Start Producing!

Bring on the Snow: 7 Snow Day Activities for Children

Small School Yields Big Opportunities

Presidents Day: Fun And Educational Activities To Do With Your Kids

Spread the Love on Valentine's Day

Letters to My Younger Self

Time management for Teens (and everyone else)

Parent Play date Etiquette: Know the Social Rules

8 Tips to an organized student

Head of Lower School's Wicked "Smaht" Address to Cum Laude Inductees

It is better to know how to learn than to know.

Ways to Make Reading and Writing Fun: Share a Journal

5 Tips to manage your email

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Common Questions Parents Ask Regarding Play date Etiquette

Four Rainy Day Activities for Children

Organization Tips and Tricks for the Disorganized Individual

Happy New Year

Encouraging Well-Balanced Meals and Dealing With Picky Eaters

Making Memories: Scrapbooking with Your Child

Joy in the Season: Starting Your Own Family Holiday Traditions

Email Management: How to Keep Your Inbox Under Control!

6 Tips For Using Linkedin

5 Tips to Avoid the Flu Bug

How to Create a Grateful Project

Preparing For Overnight Guests

How to Stay Organized Now That You're in College

Happy Veterans Day

8 Tips for Helping Your Child Develop a Global Perspective

Organization Tips and Tricks To Make Life Easier

Back to the future day

Sewickley Academy Science Superstars

What Is Blended Learning?

The Art of Storytelling with Prezi

What Type of Laptop Do I Need?

What Is an Independent School?

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet

5 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Young Graduates

7 Tips for Traveling Abroad This Summer

Parent's Guide and Tutorial for Twitter

A Teacher's Interest in Pinterest

A Challenge to the Class of 2015

5 Reasons I Use Graphic Novels to Teach History

4 Lessons From Albert Einstein - A Grade 5 Commencement Speech

Why Do We Care so much about History? A Grade 8 Commencement Speech

Is Your Kindergartener Playing Enough?

2 Tips for Picky Eaters

Sewickley Academy Does Not Have Everything

8 Tips for Keeping Your Organic Garden Free of Insects, Weeds, and Disease

Why Our Global Studies Program Matters

Being Ready to Listen

It Pays To Have Responsive Classroom

#SAHelpsOut: 2015 Day of Service

Five Ways to Lose All Your Money in High School

Teachers are Learners, 2

I Like Skype

I Don't Like Skype

Are you talking to your baby? It's never too early to start!

Blended Learning is Not Cyber School

7 Tips For Raising Boys [Webinar Replay]

3 Tips For Empowering Girls [Webinar Replay]

Teachers are Learners, Too

9 Valentine's Day Box Ideas

2 Stars And A Wish - An Activity To Talk With Your Child

Using Books to Expand Your Child's Global Horizons - Part II

Using Books to Expand Your Child's Global Horizons - Part I

At What Age Should My Child Get A Cell Phone?

5 Tips to Help You Manage Both Your Job and Your Family

Experiential Learning - The Great Potato Experiment

Sneaky, Easy, Healthy Desserts to Take you Through the Holidays

How to Maximize Your Time With Your Kids

My Fight Against The “Anti-Technology” Moms

15 Book Recommendations for High School Children

Asking Hard Questions about White Privilege

19 Book Recommendations for Elementary School Children

2014 Christmas in Pittsburgh Family Guide

Happy Thanksgiving

Using Technology to Teach Math in the Elementary Classroom

What You Learn From Your Parents and Books

Concussions: Prevention, Diagnosis, And Recovery

S. E. Hinton Tweets to 7th Grade English Class: “Good Thinking”

Lessons from My Week Without Google

How To Make The Best Granola Ever

What Is Design Thinking in Education?

Grandma Book Club

While the Facilities Are Great, It Remains about the Teaching &​ Learning

The Real Social Media on 9/11

Believe You Can and You're Halfway There

The Place Where I'm Most Content

This I Believe: "Color Clarity"

Senior School Graduation Speech

This I Believe: "Oh, Extroverted World"

Summer Reading Recommendations for High School Students

This I Believe: "A Strong Cup of the Extraordinary"

Summer Reading Recommendations for Adults

This I Believe: "My Special Place"

Happy Memorial Day

This I Believe: "Here's to the Dreamers"

Six Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids

A Senior's Survival Guide to High School

Sewickley Academy Clothesline Sale: A Community's Tradition

4 Myths about Taking a Gap Year

5 Tips for Meaningful Mobile Learning

iPads for Teachers? What's Next?

Let's Set the Record Straight for Sewickley Academy

Love (and Sports) Have No Gender

Sewickley Academy's Day of Service

Masterminds and Wingmen - Book Review

Alumni Spotlight - Elsa Heffernan ’04

Advice for Seniors and Parents as They Approach the Final Stage of the College Admission Process

Recipe for Understanding the Connected World

Reading Readiness - Is Your Child Ready To Read Checklist

How Do You Know Your Child Is Ready for Kindergarten?

Young Reader Recommendations: Books That Deal with Race

Alumni Spotlight - Beth Willman, Ph.D. '94

How to Make the Panther Pride Nautique Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom

Becoming Israel

Award-Winning Documentary, "Born into Brothels," Showing at Sewickley Academy

Parenting through Divorce

"Girl Rising" - It's Not Just a Film, It's a Movement

Don't Just Buy a New Video Game - Make One!

Sugar Cookies 101

How To Make an Origami Crane

"The Public School Advantage: Why Public Schools Outperform Private Schools" - A Response

Grade 7 History Students Go Green!

How to Make a Homemade Volcano

13 Tips to Winterize Your Garden

Her Life is a Zoo - Alumni Spotlight on Nikki Becich '09

Why I Love MATHCOUNTS by George

Why I Love MATHCOUNTS by Lekha

Why I Love MATHCOUNTS by Teddy

Why I Love MATHCOUNTS by Jayvir

Why I Love MATHCOUNTS by Katie

Why I Love MATHCOUNTS by Saarang

Alumni Spotlight - Jonathan Glance '93

Getting to Know Olivia Saperstein

I Hate Math but I Love Flexible Grouping in Math Class

Getting to Know Gina Carl

The N-Word, Myopia, & Jackie Robinson: Straight Talk in Fourth Grade

Getting To Know Matthew Griffin

Thanks to our Volunteers and Those Who Support Them

Getting to Know Bevan Koch

Top 6 Cutural Events in Pittsburgh This Month

Getting to Know Gino Faraci

A Pep Talk to Begin The School Year

A Social Media Reality Check

Getting to Know Brian Buckley

9 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Classroom

Getting to Know Rina Heavner

We Can Take Our Place in History

Getting to Know Mr. Josh Briggeman

Take Heart, New Students!

First Day of School Facebook Photo Contest

Do You Know the Meaning of Labor Day?

The 4 C’s of Training New Employees For The School Year

A "Tale of Two Cities"

Sewickley Academy Students Go Global at iEARN

What Is the Best Pittsburgh Private School?

How Do You Convince a Sewickley Academy Grad Not to Go to Yale?

The Secret to a Good Summer ...

"Mom, I'm Bored!!!"

The Arts and Athletics at Sewickley Academy: A Perfect Pair

A Screencast from Sewickley Academy about How to Search Twitter

5 Ways Sewickley Academy Cares for the Earth

This Is Why We Have a Global Studies Program

Sewickley Academy's Day of Service

Sewickley Academy Students Serve at the Children's Village in Israel

Latin Returns to Sewickley Academy

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How to Create Your Family Tree

Bienvenido, Mar!

5 Things To Do Before You Apply for Financial Aid

Building a Responsive Classroom in Second Grade

The Price of Sugar

How Can We Keep Our Schools Safe?

Haiti: One Year Later

Technology in the Classroom - It's Not Just about Cool Gadgetry

Making Mistakes Count

Should You Send Your Child to Private School? A Response

Escaping the Trap of Our Own Good Intentions

7 Questions with Joyce Bender - An Interview with the CEO of Bender Consulting

Philanthropy Is About Love, Kind Of

Guide to Pittsburgh Holiday Fun (with hot chocolate!)

Getting to Know Ms. Shannon Rankin

Getting to Know Mr. Tim Heavner

Getting to Know Ms. Laurel Brooks

5 Questions with Olympic Hopeful and Sewickley Series Speaker Seun Adebiyi

Getting to Know Ms. Christy Knable

Five Questions with Sewickley Academy Alumna, the Skinny Chef!

Who Drives Buicks? Questions for a Host Family

Crossing the Delaware

Reading Matters!

'Suit Up Kid. We Need You!' - A Story About Our School

Summerbridge Pittsburgh: Exactly Where I Needed to Be

Summer of Science: A Physics Teacher's M.O.

Responsive Classroom - It Begins With The Morning Meeting

How Poland Became Personal

Sewickley Academy Presents, "What Makes You Tic?"

Sewickley Academy Seniors Inspire Community

An SA's Teacher Adventure in Tanzania

It's a Small World for SA Traveling Faculty!

Summer Reading Recommendations

Words of Wisdom from Sewickley Academy Alumni to the Class of 2015

A Senior Looks Back

Sewickley Academy Students Are Our Best Ambassadors!

The Zip Line

6 Tips To Prepare Your Student for International Travel

Can I Be Successful Learning a Second Language?

The Last Passage: Tips for Connecting with Your College-Bound Senior

April Is Month of the Military Child

Day of Service at Sewickley Academy

How to Build a Catapult

Senior Teacher Day in the Advancement Office!

Reflections on Community

What to Look for in a Private Music Teacher

Create Something Real - A Message from Temple Grandin & Terrance Hayes

'A Night of Poetry' with Terrance Hayes - Sewickley Series

A Life-Changing Experience At the People Of Color Conference (PoCC)

An "Arianna" of All Trades

Benefits of Learning a Second Language at a Young Age

With Blocks, Educators Go Back to Basics, Seriously?

What's New with Summerbridge Pittsburgh?

Good Morning, Scientists!

Gizzards - A Short Story About Service

Giving Thanks


College Guidance: 5 Best Tips & Practices

Equity v. Equality

'Remarkable Beginnings' at Sewickley Academy and Around the World

See the Film - Save a Life

How Can I Support My Children's Foreign Language Learning?

7 Questions with Pat Bassett

Getting to Know Dr. Ron Kinser

Safe Passage

Getting to Know Ms. Monica Vila-Lynn

Mr. Yow's Summer Adventure

Seeing Stars

Getting to Know Anna Foust

Why Don't Students Like School?

The First Week Of School!

Their Hearts Are In It!

How SA's Panther Spends His Summer Vacation

Lower School Graduation Speech

First Week of Summerbridge Pittsburgh!

Summerbridge Pittsburgh Teachers Are Gearing Up!

It's Almost Time For Senior School Graduation

Three Kids, One Campus - Happy Sewickley Academy Mom

Memories of Jerry Smith

Summerbridge Pittsburgh Is Gearing Up!

'Cast Party' Comes to Sewickley Academy!

The SA Panther is doing his part!

Senior Reflects on His Senior Teacher Day Experience

Operation Safe Surf

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure - Recycle Reseen

Responsive Classroom-Learning Happens Best in a Positive Environment

Environmental Science - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Remembering Mr. Cerny

Why Do We Teach Mandarin Chinese at Sewickley Academy?

Got Trash?

Sewickley Series Presents "Bhutto"

Sewickley Academy's New Schedule: Looking Ahead-PART III

Sewickley Academy's New Schedule: The Benefits - PART II

Sewickley Academy's New Independent School Daily Schedule - PART I

Shiny & New

A Star Comes to Sewickley!

Clothesline Sale Does It Again!

SA Girls on the Green!

Survey Results, the Panther, School Size - and More!

Why Does Sewickley Academy Have a Director of Diversity?

Theme of the Year - Teamwork