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A Friendsgiving to Remember

A Friendsgiving to RememberFor many people, Thanksgiving is all about celebrating with family. You may have family celebrations that you're obligated to attend whether you want to be there or not. Unfortunately, that means you don't have the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of your closest friends. By celebrating early with a Friendsgiving celebration, you can enjoy a more relaxed, laid-back celebration that's a lot of fun for all of you. If nothing else, it's an excuse to get together with your favorite people!

The Decor

When you set up for Friendsgiving, you can either go all-out on decor or choose to go a little bit simpler. Whatever you decide, be sure to include everyone in the plans! Try some of these great decorations for your Friendsgiving celebration.

  • Make your own tablecloth of gratitude. You can design a cloth tablecloth with Sharpies that you can use year after year or simply cover the table in brown paper bags and let everyone doodle away. Either way, make sure you display your creation when the meal is over!
  • Put together a simple fall candle centerpiece. Not only is it pretty, the kids will love to help you collect leaves and tie twine! 
  • Use those gorgeous white pumpkins to full advantage in this fantastic white pumpkin centerpiece for your table. Don't have room, thanks to all the lovely dishes taking up space? Instead, try placing your centerpieces on the sideboard or use one to decorate the fireplace instead.
  • Turn the food into part of the decor with this fun turkey vegetable tray or these no bake Thanksgiving treats. The finger food possibilities are endless!
  • Make these fun turkey windsocks with the kids to add a note of whimsy to your Friendsgiving plans. 
  • Scatter some of these simple-to-make little turkey crafts throughout your home for everyone to enjoy.
  • Craft a fun wreath for your door that will make everyone smile as they arrive or, conversely, create a gorgeous one that will display your love for the season. 

Add Some Games

While you don't have to spend every minute of your Friendsgiving celebration engaged in an activity, having a few games on hand will spice things up, get everyone giggling, and make some great memories that will have everyone clamoring for next year. Try some of these great party ideas to get started.

Get Cooking!

For your Friendsgiving celebration, you can make the fancy, elaborate dishes that you make for your family's traditional Thanksgiving, or you can try easier versions of the recipes that won't have you slaving over a stove all day. As you come together with friends, remember that the day is all about fun. 

  • Few Thanksgiving spreads are complete without sweet potatoes. Make them even sweeter with this great sweet potato marshmallow casserole.
  • Easy pumpkin pie bites allow everyone to grab just a taste of this great Thanksgiving dessert.
  • Mashed potato casserole makes it easy to make your potatoes ahead of time, rather than feeling as though you have to throw them together at the last minute.
  • This great turkey gravy is a fantastic addition to your meal.
  • Green bean casserole from scratch lets you avoid the additives in canned soups while still enjoying a holiday favorite.
  • When your oven is full, there's nothing better than a slow cooker recipe that doesn't take up any space (except on your counter). Try this pumpkin hot chocolate to help warm everyone up if you're headed outside to play.

Whether you're looking for an easy, comfortable dinner filled with fun or an elaborate meal with your closest friends, Friendsgiving is a great way to take your Thanksgiving celebration to the next level. Plan it before the "real" Thanksgiving as a trial run or hold it over the weekend, after the shopping is done. Whenever you celebrate, make sure you take time to celebrate your friendships and express your gratitude for those who are always there for you.

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