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2 Tips for Picky Eaters

2_Tips_for_Picky_Eaters.pngMy kids are 7 and 11, and they are OPPOSITES.

I have one defensive kid who likes bread and cake, and one seeker kid who is a devout carnivore and eats raw purple onions and chives right out of the garden.

Successfully feeding them both is an adventure!

If you have a picky eater in your family, child or adult, these two tips will help to make mealtime pleasant for all at the table, including you!

Tip 1: Keep your ingredients separated.

Soups, casseroles, sandwiches… these are the things that the picky eater refuses. He or she will eat noodles, chicken, and carrots. But not if they are mixed together in a broth.

What's great about this is your picky eater will be eating the same things the rest of the family is eating. Perhaps a little more noodles and a little less everything else, but hopefully each food group will be represented. And that is progress — no more chasing him or her around with a spoon for “one more bite.”

Once I figured this out, it saved me so much stress and worry!

Tip 2: Create delicious smells for them to come home to, or ask them to smell new foods or dishes.

The olfactory sense is an integral part of taste. By inviting your picky eater to smell a new dish, you are cultivating an acquaintance and eventual enjoyment of something baking in the oven or simmering in the slow cooker. It is a hassle-free way to introduce new foods and new flavors.

Sometimes, those savory aromas will convince your picky eater to try something where all the foods are touching! I credit my children's school lunch program  — where delicious dishes were cooked by moms from around the world — with enticing my kids to eat Indian, Russian, Asian, and Mexican cuisine.

I’ll be giving a free call with more tips for picky eaters soon! Get in the loop by following me on Facebook, following this blog, or signing up for my biweekly E-zine. Thank you for reading, good luck!

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