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12 Family-Friendly Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

12 Family-Friendly Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for AdultsVisit the "adult" section of any Halloween costume shop and you're likely to cringe at the skimpy skirts, gruesome gore, and raunchy humor. But isn't Halloween supposed to be a family holiday? If you want to celebrate in style but you're not into the sexy, sleazy, or scary, try some of these hilarious costumes on for size.

Grab your backpack ... and beard?

A costume beard, pageboy wig, pink shirt, orange shorts, backpack, and wand are all you need to create this "Dumbledora the Explorer" costume. Harry Potter fans and Dora fans alike will laugh out loud when they see you coming in this silly mashup. 

Furry Fun

You might hate seeing one under your bed, but you'll love how easy it is to dress up as one. Grab a pair of bunny ears left over from Easter and your own feather duster and turn yourself into a Dust Bunny! Just don't get 'swept away' by the laughs that are sure to follow when friends figure out your costume.

"Weather" You Like it or Not

Your friends will be blown away when you show up to the party looking like a windswept weatherman in this hilarious hurricane costume. Don't forget to attach plenty of debris, slick back your hair, and be sure to hold tight to that inside-out umbrella. 

"Egg"-stra Silly

They're the first food to disappear at every picnic, so you know people love 'em. That's why they'll be sure to love you in this deviled egg costume. It's as simple as it is funny, so you won't have to worry about "scrambling" for a costume at the last minute.

Pig Out

Sure, you could keep it simple and don a pig snout, ears, and an adorable squiggly tail, but add just one more household item and your costume will be transformed into a chuckle-worthy joke. This pig-in-a-blanket costume is both cute and cuddly. 

Super Sweet

Halloween is all about candy, and with this Candy Rapper costume it'll be even sweeter. Dig out your hoodie, help yourself to some Halloween treats, then put the two together and you'll be the coolest - and funniest - candy "rapper" around.

"Ceiling" Your Fate

Sure, there are sports fans, but what about ceiling fans? Even ceilings need someone to root for them, and that person may as well be you. This "pun-ny" ceiling fan costume may stump your friends at first, but when they get the joke you'll be "turning" their Halloween party into a hit.

The Magic of Illusion

If you have some time on your hands and you really want to make an impression, try making or buying one of these ride-along illusion costumes. Bonus: you'll look cool no matter how badly you dance, and no one will notice if you don't have a date.

- This Garbage Man Illusion costume will be the trashiest costume at the party but beware, you may get asked to help with party cleanup. 

- This Mermaid and Pirate costume will almost certainly help you make a splash at any Halloween bash.

- This Teddy Bear Piggyback Ride costume is sure to create some giggles and will wow even the youngest trick-or-treaters. 

- What happens when the animals break free of the zoo? They put the humans in cages, like this Man in a Gorilla Cage costume.

- Most adults are usually trying to look younger, but this Monster Carrying Baby costume takes it to a whole other level. Don't forget the pacifier and bonnet to get the full effect.

Hopefully you'll find the perfect hilarious Halloween getup, but if it comes down to it and you simply don't have time to throw a costume together, just wear your normal clothes and if anyone asks, say, "I'm a serial killer. They look just like everyone else." 

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