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Memorial Day Picnic Ideas

Memorial Day is almost here! Because it is such an important holiday, the celebration should be one of the biggest and best of the year. Therefore, we have gathered a collection of what we believe to be the very best Memorial Day picnic ideas out there. Choose what you love, add your own special touches, and get ready to kick off the summer season. 

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Four Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts From The Heart

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Every year you try to come up with a gift that’ll show her what a terrific wife and mother she is to you and your kids, but you always end up getting the standard gift: flowers or chocolates with a card. This year you and the kids want to give her something unique that really comes from the heart. Here are four meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that you and your children can create together or have professionally made. Either way, she’s sure to adore the beautiful gift.

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Celebrating Presidents' Day with Kids

Presidents' Day is nearly here, which means it is time to decide how you and your family will celebrate. After all, this country's 45 presidents have certainly given us a lot to celebrate and be proud of.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: An Overview of the Man, and the History of the Holiday

On January 16, 2017, our nation will celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our children will learn more about his contributions to our society, and Americans everywhere will pause to honor the man who encouraged peace and promoted equality. He led a fascinating life, and there is so much more to know than just his "I Have a Dream" speech. Whether you are planning on talking about the holiday with your children, or just want to know more about his legendary life, here is an overview of Dr. King and his impact on our nation.

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New Year, New You: Map Your Resolutions For 2017

The new year just arrived, and many people are making resolutions. They are resolving to lose weight, make better financial decisions, and find emotional peace.

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Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Around the world, people are preparing for the elaborate Christmas celebrations of their respective countries. Because the United States is the "melting pot" nation, we have the pleasure of indulging in a great number of Christmas traditions from all over the world.

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Homemade Gifts: Christmas From the Heart

During the busy holiday season, it can be difficult to come up with great holiday gift ideas for every member of the family. You may also find yourself struggling to balance a tight budget. These homemade gifts from the heart will help stretch your holiday budget and make you feel more involved in the holiday giving process – not to mention offering up some creative ideas for the most difficult people on your list. 

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Hot Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Kid on Your Nice List (Pst! They're Educational, Too!)

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Black Friday is over, and Cyber Monday is now a thing of the past. With only a few short weeks until Christmas Day, you have probably already invested in those must-have gifts that they cannot live without this year. Now is the time to invest in the gifts that they don’t even know exist yet, gifts that can help them not only have fun in unexpected places, but also learn a lot in the process. From the future programmer on your nice list to the "Paper Towns" fanatic who always has his or her nose in a good book, here are some of our favorite holiday gift ideas for every kid on your list.

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Holiday Happenings in Pittsburgh

Nothing makes the holiday season quite so wonderful as all of the amazing sights, sounds, and events around town. Pittsburgh is one of the very best places to be during the holiday season due to its incredible lineup of holiday events and activities. Why not take advantage of a few of these events this year and make some lasting memories with your family?

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