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Three Fun Spring Crafts to Do with the Kids

Three Fun Spring Crafts to Do with the KidsHere comes the sun! Spring is here, so its the perfect time to work on crafts with the kids. From breezy, sunny days to the gentle rain showers that help the pretty flowers grow, there are many reasons spring is an inspiring time to create. 

The next time you and your little ones are in the mood to make something nice, break out the craft supplies and try one of the fun, spring-inspired ideas below. Not only will you end up with some adorable decor and knick-knacks, you'll also have a blast making them.

Paper Flowers

There are tons of ways to make paper flowers. In fact, there are so many versions of this particular craft that there are entire books on the subject. Armed with one of these books, mountains of tissue paper, a good amount of patience, and even greater folding skills, you can make paper flowers that are nearly identical to the real thing. 

However, because you'll be making these flowers with the kids, and because fun is the goal rather than frustration, we are going to stick with one of the simpler versions of crafting paper flowers. 

To make a bouquet of these lovely, springtime flowers, you will need plenty of colorful tissue paper and some green pipe cleaners.

Begin by cutting the tissue paper into circles of various sizes. Next, fold the top of one pipe cleaner over. Starting at the unfolded end, push the pipe cleaner through the center of one tissue paper circle, and move the circle all the way to the folded end, scrunching the paper slightly to hold it in place. Continue adding circles until you are satisfied.

Make a few more flowers and display them together in a vase for a colorful addition to your dining table. 

Rock Painting

Spring is the perfect time for a nature walk. The next time you head out on a hike or even a simple walk around the block, make a point of collecting items for your crafting session. These can be used in a variety of ways. Rocks, for instance, can be painted to look like animals or objects.

To hold your own rock painting day, gather up a collection of acrylic paints in a variety of colors. Add some small paintbrushes, cups of water for rinsing, and paper towels for drying the brushes, and you're ready to sit down for a fun crafting session that really lets your creative juices flow freely. 

Display your finished rocks on a shelf, or hide them in public places for people to find. 

Egg Carton Caterpillar

If your family eats eggs, you probably toss out a good number of egg cartons. Next time you're about to throw one out, consider saving it for this fun and easy craft instead. 

To make your own little caterpillar, you will need an egg carton, paintbrushes, green tempera paint, googly eyes, school glue, and a few other decorations. 

Start by cutting the top off of the carton. Next, cut the bottom half of the carton in half lengthwise. This should leave you with two long pieces with six bumps each. Turn these pieces upside down and paint them with the green paint. These will become your caterpillars. Once the caterpillars have dried, add the googly eyes and other decorations using the school glue. 

After the glue has dried, display your caterpillar on a shelf or desk to remind you of the fun time spent with your little ones. 

There are a huge number of cute and fun crafts to do with your kids. If you enjoy the ones above, consider seeking out a few more ideas on the internet, or get creative and come up with an idea on your own.13 Things To Look For In A Pre-Kindergarten Program

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