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Teachers are Learners, 2

Teachers are Learners, 2In my last blog post I reported to you about teachers learning with and from one another on the February 13 day of professional learning and collaboration.

On the morning of April 6, teachers and administrators again gathered to learn together—in this case, to increase our individual and collective digital skills. As we prepare for next fall’s digital classrooms, we are exploring collaboratively how we can  leverage mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Blended Learning is any combination of face-face instruction and online learning. It is the weaving together of instructional mediums—in person and online—to maximize learning outcomes for students. Blended Professional Learning emphasizes collaboration and reflection, integrating face-face, virtual collaboration and online learning around specific content. On April 6, the content was a technology integration model that provides a framework for enhancing student learning.

We modeled the kind of blended learning environment that best promotes 21st century skills for students. Teachers consolidated understanding through face-face dialogue facilitated by a survey and assessment app they accessed on their iPads. They followed up this activity by working in teaching teams to apply the technology integration model to enhance one of their own lessons.

We live in an exciting time for schools, in the sense that disruptive innovation is changing the way the world learns. Mobile devices allow us to take advantage of the best attributes of virtual and face-to-face interactions to increase student involvement, engagement, and input. Great teaching hasn’t changed, but the toolbox sure has.

Teachers are (digital) learners, too!

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