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S. E. Hinton Tweets to 7th Grade English Class: “Good Thinking”


In 7th Grade English with Ms. Hecht this week, where students are reading the classic coming of age novel, The Outsiders, several students paused on this passage and began to ask more questions.

“We killed time by reading Gone with the Wind and playing poker. Johnny sure did like that book, although he didn’t know anything about the Civil War and even less about plantations, and I had to explain a lot of it to him.”

Students wondered why the author had chosen Gone With The Wind as the book the characters were reading. Was this an allusion to civil strife happening in their own town?  The students wanted to know if the author had done that purposefully so Ms. Hecht pulled our her iPad (thanks to Home & School) and together they wrote a tweet mentioning the author, S. E. Hinton. Within an hour, the author saw their question and sent her response to the class!

See below for the question from the class and the author’s reply!


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