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Letters to My Younger Self

Letters_To_My_Younger_Self.pngDear Lower School self,

Enjoy your free time while you can. Don’t complain about the naps that you get to take. Stop wishing to grow up faster. Life is simple when you’re young, so appreciate it. You want to be older so that you can go out, get your license, and get a job, but the responsibilities that come with those privileges aren’t as great as you might think. They’ll come with late nights and stressful days, so enjoy your time while it’s carefree.

Dear Grade 6 self,

Girls are mean, boys are annoying. Get over it. You need to stop paying so much attention to how they act and what they say. Once you get used to it, everything will be easier. Focus on your classes and the friends you have. You don’t need to be friends with everyone, and you won’t, and that’s okay.

Dear Grade 7 self,

You don’t need to start thinking about your future yet. Classes are important, but Middle School won’t affect your college prospects. Focus on learning, not getting good grades. And when it comes to classmates, their gossip is just that. Pay it no mind and ignore the rumors, whether they’re about you or someone else. Just focus on being yourself. These are your formative years, and you need to like who you are.

Dear Grade 8 self,

Just a heads up – you’re not as cool as you think you might be. Get over the fact that you are at the top of the Middle School, because next year you’ll be at the bottom again. The friends you have now probably won’t be the same ones you’ll have through all of Senior School. That’s okay. You’ll change between now and then.

Dear Grade 9 self,

Not everything needs to be done for the purpose of putting it on your college application. Join sports teams, make friends with upperclassmen, take fun electives, but also focus on your studies. Great grades through all four years look great, but an upward trend is good too, so if you don’t quite adjust right away to Senior School, it’s okay.

Dear Grade 10 self,

It’s a good idea to start thinking about colleges you’re interested in. If you want to visit a few, go for it. But don’t feel pressured to take the SATs or ACTs right now. If you are worried about grades, don’t be embarrassed to get a tutor. Now is when your class, as a group, starts to focus on being at the top, but don’t ever feel lesser if you aren’t in that advanced math class, or have an A in another class.

Dear Grade 11 self,

Don’t worry so much about your scores. Your GPA doesn’t matter in the long run. A number doesn’t define you. I know you’re looking at colleges, but they want the person who earns the grades, not just the grades. Don’t get too caught up in the competitiveness of standardized tests. When schools say they review applications on a holistic level, they mean it. How you do on the SATs or ACTs doesn’t determine your future. No matter how you do in Senior School, or where you attend college, remember you can do anything you want to do!

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