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Holiday Activities for Children: Crafts You'll Actually Use Again

Holiday Activities for Children: Crafts You'll Actually Use AgainMany of those adorable, sweet little Christmas crafts you make with your children simply don't survive more than a single year. Despite your best intentions, once they go in a box to be packed away, those decorations simply aren't as cute the following year - not to mention the fact that the kids will make more to replace them anyway. If you're looking for activities to do with your children this December, there are plenty of holiday activities for children you can make together that you'll love looking back on for years to come.

Paint Hands and Feet

There are dozens of handprint and footprint crafts making the rounds. From salt dough or cornstarch clay ornaments that will probably mold before the next holiday season to paper crafts that won't survive being packed away, you can decorate anything you like with your children's hands and feet. There's just one problem: if it doesn't survive the storage process, it's not going to help you look back on those tiny little hands and feet next year. Instead, try a craft that will actually last. Purchase a canvas or two and good paintbrushes, then paint a picture that can hang on your wall. You can start a collection that you can add to each year as your children grow, or you can simply create a memorable decoration that will always remind you of when your children were small. Handprints can become reindeer, Santa Claus, or a Christmas tree. Footprints make adorable mice for a "Twas the Night Before Christmas" display. Let your imagination soar! 

Not sold on the idea of canvases? Pick up ceramic paint that will dry after baking, then put your designs on a plate or platter. You never have enough plates for all those delicious Christmas goodies, so you can add a new plate or two each year. The precious memories you'll make as you create your plates will make you smile each time you use them for years to come.

Decorate Ornaments for a Felt Tree

Do your kids love putting ornaments on the tree and taking them off again? Do you find yourself constantly telling them to leave the ornaments on the tree? They need a tree that they can play with whenever they like, redecorating as they see fit, and a felt tree is an absolutely perfect solution. Cut the tree out of a large piece of felt, then spend an afternoon or snowy day designing ornaments together. You can create fancy balls with any pattern you like, design teddy bears and angels, or make anything else your children's creative hearts desire. Then, for the rest of the season and for several years to come, you can bring out the felt tree and allow your children to spend hours putting the ornaments on and pulling them off. Your real tree will thank you!

Create Ornaments You'll Love

Sit down with your kids, write out their Christmas lists for the year, and capture it in a glass ornament. Capture tiny fingerprints with a design of lights on a tree or a snowman. Make sure that you're using paint that won't melt or chip easily, and choose high-quality ornaments for your craft project. These aren't ornaments that will hang on your tree for a single year before disappearing, but rather ornaments that you'll use over and over again. Design ornaments together that are both beautiful and personal - ornaments that you'll love looking back on each year as you hang them on the tree. 

Filling a snowy day with holiday crafts and decoration that will last a lifetime is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit. Your children won't be small for long. Before you know it, their Christmas lists will be clothes and video games instead of trucks and dolls, and then they'll grow to adults who won't be in your home every Christmas morning. The memories of these days, however, will last forever.

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