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Easter crafts and activities for the family

Easter crafts and activities for the familyWinter is finally coming to a close. The weather is getting warmer and jackets and hats are going into storage. It's time to pull out the short-sleeved shirts and get ready for the long, sunny days ahead. 

Spring is a time of new beginnings, exciting events, and bright holidays. Easter is just around the corner, and the kids can hardly contain their excitement for the sweet sunny holiday to come. While your kids wait in anticipation, why not prepare to make Easter extra special and make their waiting even more worthwhile? 

There are many for Easter crafts and activities for the family that can make this time of year extra special. One of our favorites ways of elaborating on the holiday is to put some fun twists on the traditional Easter egg hunt. Here are a few things you can do to give your little ones their best egg hunt yet.

Basket Decorating

Begin your celebration by giving each person a basket to decorate. Provide paints, glitter, stickers, ribbon, and anything else you can think of and let the children—and adults!—express themselves by making their very own, unique basket creation. 

To make clean-up simple, do this project outside on painters plastic or plastic table cloths. Be sure to allow the baskets plenty of time to dry before your hunt begins.

Prize Table

Fill a table with various prizes. Bubbles, $5 gift cards, small toys, and t-shirts all work well. 

Next, label each prize with a number. Write the same numbers on small slips of paper, and place each slip in an egg. When a person finds an egg containing a number they receive the corresponding prize. 

Alternatively, the prize table could be used to award people who meet certain criteria. These criteria could include the person who finds the most eggs or the person who finds the most eggs of a single color. 

Color Coding

If you are one who prefers a fair experience, color-coding could be the way to go. 

By giving each child a particular color to hunt for, many arguments will be avoided and everyone will end up with an equal number of eggs. This method also provides an opportunity to give age or interest specific prizes in the eggs.

Additionally, if you want to get really extravagant, each child could have one egg in their bunch with a clue as to where their "big prize" can be found. Big prizes could be anything the child would enjoy that will not fit in their eggs. This adds a treasure hunt aspect to the event and gives it a whole new layer of fun. 

Puzzle Egg Hunt

Perhaps you have big news you'd like to share with the kids this Easter. Maybe they will be getting a new brother or sister, or perhaps you are taking a big trip. If so, the puzzle egg hunt is the perfect way to let everyone know the exciting news.

Start by purchasing a blank puzzle from a craft store. Using markers or paints, put your big announcement on the puzzle. Get as creative as you like, using many colors and glitter or including illustrations.

Hide each puzzle piece in its own egg, hide the eggs, and send the kids out to find them. When every egg has been found, have the family work together to assemble the puzzle and read the message on the finished product.

Treasure Chest

Instead of hiding eggs individually, try hiding them together in a treasure chest, basket, or other container. Once they are hidden, put together a set of clues. Each clue should lead the children to the location of the next clue until they finally reach their treasure.  

While the kids are on their hunt, encourage teamwork and remind older ones to help little ones.

This version of an egg hunt is a great way to help kids understand the value of working together, and will give you the opportunity to include prizes for individual kids as well as larger prizes that wouldn't typically fit in an Easter egg.

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