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Bring on the Snow: 7 Snow Day Activities for Children

Bring on the Snow: 7 Snow Day Activities for ChildrenWith winter bearing down upon us, having some snow day activities ready for your children can help you avoid hearing the dreaded phrase, "I'm bored!" Keeping the kids happily entertained can also mean keeping your sanity while the snow piles up outside. Here are seven ideas to get you, and your children, through the cold:

  1. Color the day happy - Break out the coloring books, paint canvases, sketch books, construction paper, glitter...OK, so you might want to reconsider the glitter depending on the age of your children, but you get the idea. Draw, color, paint, make birthday cards, decorate homemade posters -- arrange all the drawing and coloring accessories on a table and let them go to town.
  2. Home sweet Broadway - Have the kids pick out their favorite story and turn it into a play. Once they decide what story they want to perform, let them pick their characters and the appropriate wardrobe from their closet. Have them go through the house (or certain rooms) and see what objects they can use as props. If items aren't available that they feel are necessary for the play, haul out your craft supplies and teach them how to improvise. Once the stage is set, gather the family as an audience and enjoy a night out by staying in.
  3. Game day - From card games to board games to jigsaw puzzles, game days can be pretty awesome. Gather all the games, puzzles, and card decks together at a table, and designate that table as the official game area (this can help reduce the risk of lost cards or pieces). Have some snacks set out so the kids can settle in and start their competitions.
  4. Movie day - Gather the kids' favorite movies, some popcorn, some drinks, and maybe a bit of candy or fruit (your preference), and let them plop down in front of the TV for a day. Make a pallet for them on the floor, or put some extra blankets on the couch or in a chair so they can snuggle in while it's cold outside.
  5. Be an author - Give each child a notebook and a pencil and have them write a story. Or, if they prefer, have them write a poem or two. Set out a dictionary, thesaurus, and a pencil sharpener. For a twist, write some topics on little pieces of paper, fold the pieces, and let the kids pick a random topic for their stories. The same thing can be done with words too. Have them pick a random word or two that they have to use in their writing (this is a good way for them to learn new words and how to use them properly).
  6. Be a donor -Give each child a tote, and have them go through their old clothes and toys to find items to donate to local charities. Make it more of a game for them by offering a pizza prize if they can all fill their totes. Once they have them filled, give the items in the totes a once-over to make sure they are in decent condition, and that the kids aren't giving away a brand new shirt or pair of shoes that you don't want them to donate.
  7. Priceless jewelry - Gather your craft beads, string, pipe cleaners, and any other items you can think of to make jewelry, and have the kids make rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The greater the variety of beads, the more ideas they're sure to come up with. Turn the kitchen table into the craft table to minimize any potential mess so you'll know where to look for any stray beads when you go to vacuum.

Helping children stay entertained for a day can be a task, but it's one that you are prepared for. You can mix and match these ideas, or make your own alterations. Either way, you're sure  to find your snow days will be filled with fun!

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