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Clothesline Sale Does It Again!

clothesline-sale-committeeSeptember 2010, like the past 56 Septembers, has been consumed by the Home and School annual Clothesline Sale.  As I sit and write this, the final figures are still not in, but we do know that this sale has been a successful one and perhaps the most lucrative sale to date.

While the proceeds allow Home and School to make significant contributions to the enrichment of our school, the Clothesline Sale does much more than raise funds. It gathers the SA community, parents, grandparents, caretakers and alumni, in one large (and often stifling hot) gymnasium to renew acquaintances, make new friends and to nurture a true sense of community through teamwork. The hundreds who shop the sale, some of whom have been coming for years, tell us how much the Clothesline Sale means to them.

One mother dragged two overflowing blue bags to the register.  Her bag was stuffed with winter coats, mittens, hats, etc.  After checking out, she told us, with tears in her eyes, that she just relocated from South Carolina and had outfitted all five of her children in winter gear for under $200.00. Other encounters just make us smile. Sunday a young man found a sweatshirt with the logo for Trinity Theological School. He was thrilled, as he had just enrolled … perfect timing!clotheline-sale-alumni-gym

Yes, the smiles, the sighs of relief, and expressions of appreciation let us know that all the hours and hours of sorting, folding and tagging are worth it — both to the Sewickley Academy community and to the community at large.

Share with us one of your favorite Clothesline stories or tell us about your “great finds” this year!

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