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Three Amazing Fourth of July Celebrations in Pittsburgh

Summer has officially begun, and that means the Fourth of July is just around the corner. From cookouts and swimming to concerts and fireworks shows, nobody does Independence Day quite like Pittsburgh. Now is the time to begin planning this special day in order to ensure you see the best of what's happening around the city. 

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Summer Camps: Making the Most out of Summer

After wrapping up the school year, the boundless energy of children in the summertime is the perfect reason to look at the wealth of options for summer camps in Sewickley and the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh. With camps geared towards those with all different interests and starting points, there is sure to be the right camp that will help your child ditch the living room couch for unforgettable new experiences. Here’s a look at some of the best options that will let your child have fun, learn something new, and ultimately help him or her make the most out of the summer break.

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Ways for Every Age to Celebrate Dad on Father's Day

What a special day: a day to honor fathers; dads; daddys; pops. Whatever name he has, he's a special guy. If you are married, there are probably two dads in your life, your own father and the father of your child(ren). This post is about helping your child(ren) plan for Father's Day, but we hope you find inspiration for your own father as well. 

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Spring is in Full Bloom, So Head Outside!

The warm season is finally beginning. The coats and hats can be packed away and replaced with T-shirts and shorts, while sandals and flip-flops can now be worn instead of boots.

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Graduation Celebration: Five Snack Table Ideas For Your Grad's Party

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and that means it's time for another group of kids to head out into the world as adults. If your child is graduating this year, you are probably filled with bittersweet emotions. After all, it is hard to watch your baby grow up. Looking back on their accomplishments thus far can quickly fill you with pride. 

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Memorial Day Picnic Ideas

Memorial Day is almost here! Because it is such an important holiday, the celebration should be one of the biggest and best of the year. Therefore, we have gathered a collection of what we believe to be the very best Memorial Day picnic ideas out there. Choose what you love, add your own special touches, and get ready to kick off the summer season. 

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Three Fun Spring Crafts to Do with the Kids

Here comes the sun! Spring is here, so its the perfect time to work on crafts with the kids. From breezy, sunny days to the gentle rain showers that help the pretty flowers grow, there are many reasons spring is an inspiring time to create. 

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Four Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts From The Heart

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Every year you try to come up with a gift that’ll show her what a terrific wife and mother she is to you and your kids, but you always end up getting the standard gift: flowers or chocolates with a card. This year you and the kids want to give her something unique that really comes from the heart. Here are four meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that you and your children can create together or have professionally made. Either way, she’s sure to adore the beautiful gift.

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Topics: Mother's Day, Gift Ideas, Holidays

Spring is Here! Get Out and Experience the World

The cold weather is finally breaking, and that means it is time to get back out into the world and explore with your kids this spring. One of the most interesting ways to explore your community is to use local libraries, businesses, and experiences to learn about the wider world around you. After all, learning about all of the fascinating cultures in the world is very important. 

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Senior Reflections on Sewickley Academy

Three members of the Class of 2017 – Carly, Michael, and Derrick – reflect on their time and experience at the Academy, the opportunities afforded to them by the school, and the value of a Sewickley Academy education.

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Topics: Student Tips

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